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Eleventh He Reaches London

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Years active  2002 – 2016
Website  Official website
Record label  Hobbledehoy Record Co.
Labels  Hobbledehoy Record Co.
Origin  Perth, Australia (2002)
Eleventh He Reaches London wwwtheaureviewcomsitesdefaultfilesehrlcouch
Associated acts  Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
Members  Ian Lenton Jayden Worts Jeremy Martin Mark Donaldson Luke Pollard
Past members  Alex Lucas Brad Rowland Craig McElhinney
Albums  Bānhūs, Hollow Be My Name, The Good Fight for Harmony, Diving For Treacher
Genres  Post-hardcore, Heavy metal, Folk rock
Similar  Fourteen Nights At Sea, Jamie Hay, Schvendes, Psychic Selves, The Dry Spells

Eleventh he reaches london long grows list of the live and dead pretenders

Eleventh He Reaches London was a five-piece post-hardcore band formed in late 2002 in Perth, Western Australia.


The band's name comes from the epic poem of Don Juan from Lord Byron. In the eleventh chapter, the protagonist reaches London.

Eleventh He Reaches London Eleventh He Reaches London

"Collectively, we listen to a very diverse range of music, and I think our music reflects this. We all like many of the same artists, but each of us have quite different tastes. All of us enjoy listening to and creating music that is dramatic, and that creates a strong sense of mood," says guitarist Jeremy in an interview with X-Press Magazine. Of course, being eclectic music listeners and creators does push Eleventh outside of the more constrictive music scenes, but with great results for the band. "We don't fit neatly into any one scene within Perth, and we are more than happy about this. While some may see it as a disadvantage, for us it means we have the pleasure of performing alongside artists playing a diverse range of styles. Playing with the same bands and to the same crowd week in, week out tends to get tedious, and removes any element of surprise a gig may have. It removes the challenge of attempting to win over punters that haven't seen or heard you before."

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The band started in December 1999 as a quartet, with Ian Lenton (vocals/guitar), Jayden Worts (guitar), Mark Donaldson (drums) and Alex Lucas (bass guitar), who were all seventeen at the time. In 2001, their song, "You Left Me At The Crossroads Like Val Kilmer In Willow", was released on the Left Of Centre 2 compilation under the name of Our Lasting Loss. The song was recorded with Allen Smith at Bergerk! Studios, and mixed and mastered by Rob Swire of Pendulum.

Eleventh He Reaches London Eleventh He Reaches London Lyrics Music News and Biography

Shortly after this recording, Lucas left the band and was replaced by Brad Rowland. In spring 2003, the band released its first mini-EP, "Diving For Treacher", under the band's new name Eleventh He Reaches London. Allen Smith recorded, mixed and mastered the EP, which was received well across Australia, selling out within months and being widely praised for its raw honesty and aggression.

Eleventh He Reaches London Eleventh He Reaches London Swarming YouTube

In late 2003, the line-up changed again with Craig McElhinney replacing Rowland and the addition of Jeremy Martin, which introduced a third guitar to the group, adding a new dimension to its sound.

Eleventh He Reaches London Eleventh He Reaches London to support Murder by Death USA

The band then returned to the rehearsal room, perfecting songs for the recording of its first album. While concentrating on their forthcoming release, Eleventh He Reaches London played alongside acts such as Against Me!, Shai Hulud and The Nation Blue. In October 2004, the band completed a four show Melbourne tour.

In April 2012, the band joined Hobbledehoy Record Co. for reissues of their previous material. Its third album, Bānhūs, was released through that label on 4 October 2013.

The Good Fight For Harmony

In early 2005, the band returned to Bergerk! Studios with Allen Smith to record their first full-length album. During this period, Eleventh He Reaches London performed at the WAMi Festival and RTRFM's 'In The Pines', as well as being the only main stage support act on the Perth leg of Taste Of Chaos, where they performed to a sold-out Robinson Pavilion with The Used, Killswitch Engage, Funeral for a Friend, Story of the Year and Rise Against. After six months in the recording studio, with the album being mastered by Shaun O'Callaghan at Studio Couch, The Good Fight For Harmony was released on 14 December 2005. It reached the top of the local charts, almost selling out of its first pressing within a month and a half. "Say You See Why So" received airplay on Triple J and local radio.

In 2006, Eleventh He Reaches London started writing for a second album. The band performed as part of the WAMi Festival and won its first WAMi Award (for 'Favourite Newcomer'). The band completed a short Western Australia tour with Gyroscope, supported Les Savy Fav, returned to Melbourne to promote The Good Fight For Harmony, and also supported Coheed and Cambria on their first Australian tour. In 2007, they band played support for Converge, ISIS and Funeral for a Friend on the Perth leg of their respective Australian tours and won a second WAMi Award ('Best Hardcore/Punk Act'). The band received a grant from the Department of Culture and Arts (Western Australia) to assist in the production of the second album.

In 2008, Eleventh He Reaches London released its first song (on-line), "For the Commonwealth and the Queen", from their yet to be released second album, Hollow be my Name. In June that year, bass guitarist McElhinney left the band to pursue a solo project and explore other musical interests. The band signed with Good Cop Bad Cop Records in July 2008, which re-released The Good Fight for Harmony on 16 August 2008. As a result of delay in the band's second album due to line-up changes (with a February 2009 release date) their new record label released a 7" single, "Girt by Piss", on 25 October 2008. Also in October, the band introduced its replacement for McElhinney, Luke Pollard, and undertook a national tour in support of the new single. The B-side of the single, "Hill of Grace", was nominated for the 2008 WAM Song of the Year competition.

The band's second album, Hollow be my Name, was released on 28 March 2009 on Good Cop Bad Cop Records. Thematically, the album is dark and introspective.

It's about blaming anybody else other than yourself for your own misery. Themes like God, government and father, blaming them for your own problems. There's a definite story in the album. It's not all in order, it's a bit jumbled. It's not necessarily the same protagonist throughout the whole album, but the stories are definitely linked.


  • Ian Lenton - vocals/guitar
  • Jayden Worts - guitar
  • Jeremy Martin - guitar
  • Luke Pollard - bass guitar
  • Mark Donaldson - drums
  • Former members

  • Alex Lucas - bass guitar
  • Brad Rowland - bass guitar
  • Craig McElhinney - bass guitar
  • Albums

  • The Good Fight For Harmony (2005)
  • Hollow Be My Name (2009)
  • Bānhūs (2013)
  • Singles

  • "Diving For Treacher" (2003)
  • "Say You See Why So" (2005)
  • "Girt By Piss / Hill of Grace" (2008)
  • "Oh, Brother" (2009)
  • Songs

    Girt by PissHollow Be My Name · 2009
    Say You See Why SoThe Good Fight for Harmony · 2005
    TooraliHollow Be My Name · 2009


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