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Years active  2004–present
Genres  Rock music, Punk rock
Members  Sergey Letov
Also known as  Electropartisans, Elektricheskie Partizany
Origin  Saint Petersburg, Russia (2004)
Albums  The Best III - F*ck thе System Jazz
Similar  Vadim Kurylev, Az, Raznyie Lyudi, Obyekt Nasmeshek, Chernyi Lukich

Elektropartizany (Electropartisans, Electric Guerillas; Russian: Электропартизаны, Электрические партизаны) is a rock-band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was founded in 2004 by Vadim Kurilev and Mikhail Nefedov after both of them left popular bands DDT and Alisa to form underground influenced independent project.


In 2004 Dmitriy Kovalev (guitar) joined EG, other members had changed many times – these was second guitar players while Vadim Kurilev played bass or bass players while he played guitar. Pavel Borisov (bass) took part in Vadim Kurilev's band before forming EG, and several times joined EG during the band's history for a short periods. Also he joined the band for performing a jubilee celebrating tour "10 years of Rock Guerrilla".

The band's music includes old school punk, melodic rock, psychedelic, folk, neo-punk and hardcore. Lyrics are touching various themes and genres from phylosophic and even mystic to revolutionary and rebelian spirit straight slogans. EG created and released circa 6 albums. The band never released live albums.

Kurilev's anarchist point of view influences the band's ideology by punk social activism and nonconformist contemporary guerrilla-type art-riot against capitalism, statements and decadence of culture.


  • Vadim Kurilev (vocal, guitar, bass)
  • Mikhail Nefedov (drums)
  • Dmitriy Kovalev (guitar)
  • Pavel Borisov (bass)
  • Dmitriy Drumov (bass)
  • Sergey Letov (saxophone)
  • Videography

  • «Р.В.И Систему!» (DVD-single, 2013)
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