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Elections in Jammu and Kashmir

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Elections in Jammu and Kashmir are conducted to elect members of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and of Lok Sabha. There are 87 assembly constituencies and 6 Lok sabha constituencies.


Main Political Parties

Nationalist parties

MC: All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference, founded in 1932, renamed JKNC in 1939
JKNC: Jammu & Kashmir National Conference, merged with INC in 1965
PC: Jammu & Kashmir Political Conference, separated from JKNC in 1947
PF: Jammu & Kashmir Plebiscite Front, founded in 1955, renamed as JKNC in 1977
ANC: Awami National Conference, break-away faction of JKNC, 1984-1986
INC: Indian National Congress
PDP: Jammu & Kashmir People's Democratic Party, split from INC in 1987

Hindu nationalist parties

PP: Jammu & Kashmir Praja Parishad, merged with BJS in 1963
BJS: Bharatiya Jana Sangh, merged into Janata Party in 1977, revived as BJP in 1980
Janata: Janata Party, formed in 1977, disintegrated in 1980
BJP: Bharatiya Janata Party

Muslim nationalist parties

Jamaat: Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir, formed soon after 1947, contested elections since 1972 (under the MUF umbrella in 1987)
MUF: Muslim United Front, a coalition of Muslim nationalist groups (Jamaat-e-Islami, Ummat-e-Islami, Anjunmane Ittehad-ul-Musalmeen) that contested elections in 1987.


PSP: Praja Socialist Party, 1953-1977, merging into the Janata Party in 1977
JD: Janata Dal
HM: Harijan Mandal, 1951-1972
Panthers: Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party, formed in 1982

After 1965

The first time that Jammu & Kashmir sent elected members to the Lok Sabha was in 1967.

  • 1967: Total: 6. INC: 5/6
  • 1971: Total: 6. INC: 5/6, Independent: 1
  • 1980: Total: 6. JKNC: 3, Congress(I): 1, Congress(U): 1
  • 2014: Total: 6. BJP: 3, PDP: 3, INC: 0, JKNC: 0
  • Legislative assembly elections

    After the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir amended, the name Prime Minister changed into Chief Minister.


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