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El Rama

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Country  Nicaragua
Website  Manfut-ElRama
Climate  Am
Area  5,618 kmĀ²
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Department  South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region

Singing karaoke at el vivero eco hostel in el rama nicaragua

El Rama is a municipality in the South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region of Nicaragua.


Map of Rama, Nicaragua

It is along the Escondido River which branches off into three other rivers: the Sumi, Rama, and Escondido. It is home to an important Atlantic/Caribbean port. Its population is approximately 50,000 people.

Bamb social el rama nicaragua


Rama is an old settlement, whose name is reminiscent of their first settlers, the Caribbean indigenous Rama, once populate the territories of the present municipalities of Bluefields and Rama. Unlike the Miskito, this ethnic group did not subordinated to the British and other European nations from 1633. Ethnicity also fought pirates and Spanish conquistadors who sought to enslave during the conquest.

The municipality increased its importance in the late nineteenth century, with the beginning of the extraction of timber, rubber and banana enclave by US companies. This economic activation caused a strong flow from other parts of the country as well as citizens of Chinese origin, who were primarily devoted to trade. The construction of the Managua-Rama highway facilitated successive waves of migration of peasants


There are a total of 98 communities: among which we can to mention:

  • La Esperanza: 8 kilometres (5.0 miles) northwest of Rama, on the highway to Managua, the second in population and importance, with an urban population of 3500 inhabitants .
  • Wapi: Located 32 kilometres (20 miles) northwest of Rama, with an urban population of 2,500 inhabitants, according to a municipal census unfinished houses more than 124.
  • Other minor places, but with a tendency to develop as villages, are: El Recreo, El Colorado, El Pavon, Aguas Calientes, Maria Cristina Gaitan, Magnolia, Las Iguanas, El Pedregal, La Union, El Arene, El Castillo and St Geronimo.
  • Twin cities

  • Maastricht, Netherlands
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