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El Haimoune

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Director  Nacer Khemir
Writer  Nacer Khemir
Music director  Fethi Zgonda
Country  Tunisia
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Fantasy
Film series  Desert Trilogy
Language  Arabic
El Haimoune movie poster
Release date  1984 (1984)
Cast  Nacer Khemir, Soufiane Makni, Noureddine Kasbaoui, Hassen Khalsi, Sonia Ichti, Hedi Daoud, Abdelazim Abdelhack
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El haimoune los vagabundos del desierto

El Haimoune (English: Wanderers of the Desert) is a 1984 film by Tunisian writer and director Nacer Khemir. It is the first part of Khemir's "Desert Trilogy". It stars Nacer Khemir, Soufiane Makni, Noureddine Kasbaoui, Hedi Daoud, and Sonia Ichti. It was filmed in Tunisia.


El Haimoune movie scenes

El haimoune ahbabuna fe eynehum


El Haimoune movie scenes

El Haimoune is a Sufi tale, a film based on a poem, a quest for roots, love and freedom. A young teacher arrives at a village built on the border of the desert where children have never been to school. Apart from the children, the village is inhabited by elderly men, women, and a mysterious and beautiful young girl. The men left to seek the boundaries of the limitless desert. The teacher is finally captivated by the shimmering world of sand and the Andalusia melody of its wanderers. In this story, magic and reality overlap to sing the beauty of the desert. The filmmaker, through carefully planned shots and sequences, which are treated like paintings, and the poetry of his writing, pays an homage to the splendour of Arabian culture.


El Haimoune Elhaimoune Wanderers of the Desert BeenSeen
  • Nacer Khemir: Lehrer
  • Soufiane Makni: Houcine
  • Noureddine Kasbaoui: Greffier
  • Sonia Ichti: Tochter/Fille du Cheikh
  • Abdeladhim Abdelhak: Hadj
  • Hedi Daoud: Cheikh
  • Hassen Khalsi: Officier de police
  • Jamila Ourabi: Grossmutter
  • Hamadi Laghmani: Spieler/Joueur
  • Release

    El Haimoune El Haimoune Los vagabundos del desierto YouTube

    El Haimoune DVD was released on March 25, 2008. It's in Arabic language with English subtitles.


    El Haimoune The Wanderers of the Desert 1986
  • Trois Continents, Nantes 1984
  • Mostra de Valencia 1984
  • Cartago 1984

  • El Haimoune Elhaimoune Wanderers of the Desert BeenSeen


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