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El Assasif

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El-Assasif is a necropolis on the West Bank at Thebes, Egypt, Upper Egypt. It is located in the dry bay that leads up to Deir el-Bahri, and south of the necropolis of Dra' Abu el-Naga'.


El-Assasif contains burials from the 18th, 25th and 26th dynasties of ancient Egypt, covering the period c. 1550 to 525 BC across all three dynasties.

18th Dynasty

  • TT192 – Kharuef
  • AT28 - Vizier Amen-Hotep, Huy
  • 25th Dynasty

  • TT34 – Mentuemhet
  • 26th Dynasty

  • TT27 – Sheshonq
  • TT33 – Pediamenopet
  • TT36 – Ibi
  • TT37 – Harwa
  • TT188 – Parennefer
  • TT279 – Pabasa
  • TT389 – Basa
  • TT410 – Mutirdis
  • TT414 – Ankhhor
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