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Eirikur Bergmann

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Dr. Eirikur Bergmann is an Icelandic academic and writer. He was born in Reykjavik in 1969. Professor Bergmann studied political science at University of Iceland and Copenhagen University.



Eirikur Bergmann is Professor of Politics and Director of Centre for European Studies at Bifröst University in Iceland. He has been visiting fellow at many academic institutions around the world. Bergmann is Visiting Professor at Faculty of Social Science at University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Professor Bergmann has written mainly on Iceland's foreign relations. He is author of nine books and number of academic papers. His work has been published in English, Icelandic, German, French and in Russian.

In 2014 Palgrave Macmillan published his book Iceland and the International Financial Crisis: Boom, Bust & Recovery.

Professor Bergmann's analysis of Iceland as a post-colonial sovereignty project has been widely published in academic context, including an April 2014 publication in IR Journal Cooperation and Conflict

In 2017 Palgrave Macmillan published his book Nordic Nationalism and Right-Wing Populist Politics.


Eirikur Bergmann's fiction writing centres around political themes. He has published two novels in Icelandic. Bergmann's latest Novel titled in Icelandic Hryðjuverkamaður snýr heim (e. A terrorist returns) was published by Sögur Publishing in 2015.


Eirikur Bergmann is also an active columnist. He has written for many newspapers in Iceland and has contributed many articles to the British The Guardian.

Constitutional Council

In 2010 Bergmann was elected to Iceland's Constitutional Assembly and served subsequently as one of the country's 25 members of Iceland's Constitutional Council in 2011 which was part of the Icelandic constitutional reform, 2010–13.


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