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645–650  Taika
686–686  Shuchō
704–708  Keiun
650–654  Hakuchi
701–704  Taihō
708–715  Wadō

Einin (永仁) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Shōō and before Shōan. This period spanned the years from August 1293 through April 1299. The reigning emperors were Fushimi-tennō (伏見天皇) and Go-Fushimi-tennō (後伏見天皇).


Change of era

  • 1293 Einin gannen (永仁元年): The new era name was created to mark an event or a number of events. The previous era ended and a new one commenced in Shō'ō 6.
  • Events of the Einen era

  • 1298 (Einin 6, 7th month): In the 11th year of Fushimi-tennō 's reign (伏見天皇11年), the emperor abdicated; and the succession (senso) was received by his son.
  • 1299 (Einin 7): Emperor Go-Fushimi is said to have acceded to the throne (sokui) and the nengō was changed to Shōan to mark the beginning of a new emperor's reign.
  • 1299 (Einin 7): The 8th rector of the nunnery at Hokkeji died.
  • References

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