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Eimai To Simera Kai Eisai To Chthes

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Released  November 1982
Eimai To Simera Kai Eisai To Chthes (1982)  Na 'Hes Kardia (1984)
Release date  November 1982
Label  CarVi
Artist  Anna Vissi
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Producer  CarVi (Nikos Karvelas & Anna Vissi)
Similar  Na 'Hes Kardia, As Kanoume Apopse, O! Kypros, The Video Collection, To Tzitziki Kai I Parea Tou

Eimai To Simera Kai Eisai To Chthes (English: I am today and you are yesterday) is the name of a limited run and much valued collectible Greek album by singer Anna Vissi. The album was released in Greece and Cyprus by the short-lived record label Vissi and Nikos Karvelas formed for the release known as CarVi, whose name is a combination of their last names.


At the time, Vissi was still signed to the Greek division of the EMI-owned Columbia Records, which went against her contract releasing an album with a different label. The independent production and release was a result of unresolved differences under her then signing. A court order in favor of EMIAL - the Greek division of EMI and the parent company of the Greek division of Columbia Records - resulted in the withdrawal of the album only a few weeks after its release, making the album a collectible item. It is also the first album to be entirely written, composed and produced by Karvelas made for Vissi and kicks off a long collaboration. The album is considered by fans to be a raw and authentic composition for both Vissi and Karvelas, completely unburdened by any influence or control by a multinational record label.

Track listing

All lyrics by Anna Vissi and all music by Nikos Karvelas.

  1. "Ime To Simera Kai Ise To Hthes" (I am today and you are yesterday)
  2. "Ego Den Hanome Pote Mou" (I never get lost myself)
  3. "Ah Den M'agapas" (Oh you don't love me)
  4. "Pali" (Again)
  5. "As Iksera" (Let us know)
  6. "Proti Fora" (The first time)
  7. "Agapes" (Loves)
  8. "Adikos O Horismos Mas" (Our unfair separation)
  9. "Oso Ise" (As long as you)
  10. "Parto Aeroplano" (Take the plane)
  11. "Tora" (Now)
  12. "Argisame Poli" (We took too long)

Credits and personnel

  • Nikos Karvelas - music
  • Anna Vissi - vocals, lyrics
  • Production
  • Nikos Karvelas - production management, sound remixing
  • Nikos Lavranos - arrangements, instrumentation, orchestral conduction
  • Charalambos Mpiris - recording engineering, sound remixing at Studio ERA
  • Design
  • Nikos Karvelas - photos
  • Credits adapted from the album's liner notes.



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