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Scientific name

Higher classification



Little egret: 310 g



Egretta Picture of volavka stbit Egretta garzetta Seidenreiher Little

Lower classifications
Little egret, Snowy egret, Little blue heron, Tricolored heron, Western reef heron

Reddish egret egretta rufescens birding tour isla de salamanca birds caribe

Egretta is a genus of medium-sized herons, mostly breeding in warmer climates. The genus name comes from the Proven├žal French for the little egret, Aigrette, a diminutive of Aigron," heron".


Egretta FileEgretta thula1jpg Wikipedia

Representatives of this genus are found in most of the world, and the little egret, as well as being widespread throughout much of the Old World, has now started to colonise the Americas.

Egretta Variety of Life Egretta

These are typical egrets in shape, long-necked and long-legged. There are few plumage features in common, although several have plumes in breeding plumage; a number of species are either white in all plumages, have a white morph (e.g. reddish egret), or have a white juvenile plumage (little blue heron).

Egretta Photos of Little Egret Egretta garzetta the Internet Bird

The breeding habitat of Egretta herons is marshy wetlands in warm regions. They nest in colonies, often with other wading birds, usually on platforms of sticks in trees or shrubs.

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These herons feed on insects, fish and amphibians, caught normally by cautious stalking.

Tricolored heron egretta tricolor el paujil bird reserve


Egretta Snowy Egret Egretta thula HBW Alive

As with other heron groupings, the taxonomy of these birds has been a source of dispute. Some of these species have been placed with the great herons in Ardea, and conversely the large white species like great egret are occasionally allocated to Egretta.

The fact that some of the group are named "heron" and some "egret" has no taxonomic significance.


Egretta Snowy Egret Egretta thula

  • Little egret, Egretta garzetta or Ardea garzetta
  • Snowy egret, Egretta thula
  • Reddish egret, Egretta rufescens
  • Slaty egret, Egretta vinaceigula
  • Black heron, Egretta ardesiaca
  • Tricolored heron, Egretta tricolor also known as Louisiana heron
  • White-faced heron, Egretta novaehollandiae or Ardea novaehollandiae
  • Little blue heron, Egretta caerulea
  • Pacific reef heron, Egretta sacra or Ardea sacra, also known as Pacific reef egret or eastern reef heron
  • Western reef heron, Egretta gularis
  • Dimorphic egret, Egretta dimorpha
  • Chinese egret, Egretta eulophotes
  • A fossil species, Egretta subfluvia, is known from the Late Miocene or Early Pliocene of Florida.


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