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Efigenio Ameijeiras

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Name  Efigenio Ameijeiras

Efigenio Ameijeiras Comandante Efigenio Ameijeiras 1092531R2E244 Deena Stryker
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Efigenio Ameijeiras Delgado (born 1931 in Puerto Padre, Las Tunas Province), was an enthusiastic supporter of Fidel Castro from the 1950s through to the 21st century.

Efigenio Ameijeiras Comandante Efigenio Ameijeiras 1092531R2E231 Deena Stryker


Efigenio Ameijeiras Comandante Efigenio Ameijeiras 1092531R2E232 Deena Stryker

A self-declared anti-communist, he was one of the band of Castro's active guerrillas that became known as the 26th of July Movement, named after the raid on Moncada Barracks on 26 July 1953, though he is not mentioned as one of the participants. He is reported to have been gaoled in 1955 on 'moral charges', with an alias of 'Jomeguia'. In December 1956, he was among 82 of Castro's guerrillas on board the yacht Granma that sailed from Tuxpan, Mexico to Punta de las Coloradas, in Oriente Province, Cuba. He fought with the guerillas in the Sierra Maestra, and took part in an attack on El Uvero barracks on 28 May 1957. In 1958 he served as the leader of Company B of the guerrillas in Guantanamo Province.

Efigenio Ameijeiras Comandante Efigenio Ameijeiras 1092531R2E230 Deena Stryker

After the revolution on 1 January 1959, he served as the Head of the National Revolutionary Police. On 15 April 1961, in response to the air attacks by CIA/Brigade 2506 Douglas B-26 Invader aircraft on Cuban airfields, he led the round-up and detention of thousands of suspected opponents to the Cuban government.

Efigenio Ameijeiras GRUPO DE RAUL Parte I

During the Bay of Pigs Invasion, on 19 April 1961, he commanded a battalion of about 200 police and militia moving south towards Giron, that was attacked by Brigade B-26s. His narratives of fighting and arrival at Playa Giron are widely quoted.

Efigenio Ameijeiras Se suicida hija del General Efigenio Ameijeiras Cafe Fuerte

He later served in the Cuban Army with the ranks of Major General and Brigadier General. In 1966 he was expelled from the new Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), for alleged 'moral offences'.

Efigenio Ameijeiras Se probaron la unidad y fuerza del pueblo


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