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Edward Kimball

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Years active

Clara Kimball Young

Edward Kimball

Edward Kimball WER Image Edward Kimball

June 26, 1859 (
Keokuk, Iowa, USA

January 4, 1938(1938-01-04) (aged 78)Hollywood, California, USA

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Edward Kimball (June 26, 1859 – January 4, 1938) was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 63 films between 1912 and 1936. Like many older actors of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, he enjoyed a varied stage career on and off Broadway before entering the silent films.


He was born Edward Marshall Kimball in Keokuk, Iowa and died in Hollywood, California. He was the father of actress Clara Kimball Young in whose films he sometimes appeared.

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1. Modern Times (1936)...(uncredited) a Doctor
2. I'll Show You the Town (1925) Professor Carlyle McCabe
3. Passion's Pathway (1924) John Deering
4. The Cheat (1923) a Judge
5. Trilby (1923) Impresario
6. The Remittance of Woman (1923) Anthony Campbell
7. The Woman of Bronze (1923) Papa Bonelli
8. Omar the Tentmaker (1922)...(Edward M. Kimball) Omar's Father
9. The Masquerader (1922)...(Edward M. Kimball) Brock
10. What No Man Knows (1921)...(uncredited) Bit
11. Charge It (1921)...(Edward M. Kimball) Tom Garreth
12. An Unwilling Hero (1921) Lovejoy
13. Boys Will Be Boys (1921) Judge Priest
14. Roman Candles (aka Yankee Doodle Jr., 1920)...(Edward M. Kimball) John Arnold Sr.
15. Mid-Channel (1920)...(Edward M. Kimball) Honorable Peter Mottram
16. For the Soul of Rafael (1920)...(Edward M. Kimball) Ricardo
17. Silk Husbands and Calico Wives (1920) Jerome Appleby
18. Eyes of Youth (1919)
19. The Better Wife (1919) Mr. Page
20. The Road Through the Dark (1918)...(Edward M. Kimball) Father Alphonse
21. The Savage Woman (1918)...(Edward M. Kimball) Jacques Benoit
22. The Claw (1918)...(E.M. Kimball) the Postmaster
23. The Accidental Honeymoon (1918) Roland Edwards
24. The House of Glass (1918) Lawyer McClellan
25. The Marionettes (1918)...(Edward M. Kimball) Professor De Ferney
26. A Son of Strife (1918) Count Andre Vaskova
27. Magda (1917)...(Edward M. Kimball)
28. The Mad Lover (1917) the Pastor AKA A Modern Othello (USA), The Lash of Jealousy (USA), The Shadow of the Night (USA)
29. Man's Woman (1917) Jimmy Regan
30. The Web of Desire (1917)...(Edward M. Kimball) Thomas Hurd
31. The Bondage of Fear (1917)...(Edward M. Kimball) Dr. Jason Wheatley
32. A Woman Alone (1917) Rufus Waldron AKA Lonliness
33. The Hidden Scar (1916) Reverend James Overton AKA The Scorching Way
34. The Common Law (1916)...(Edward M. Kimball) Mr. Neville
35. A Woman's Way (1916)...(Ed M. Kimball) John Livingston
36. Miss Petticoats (1916)...(Edward M. Kimball) Captain Joel Stewart
37. Tangled Fates (1916) Mr. Lawson AKA The Grubstaker
38. The Feast of Life (1916) Father Venture
39. A Woman's Power (1916)...(E.M. Kimball) MacAllister Falkins
40. Love's Crucible (1916)...(Ed M. Kimball) Mr. Dymsley
41. The Yellow Passport (1916) David Sokoloff AKA The Badge of Shame (USA: Reissue Title)
42. Camille (1915)...(Edward M. Kimball) The Doctor
43. The Little Mademoiselle (1915) Mr. Pemberton
44. The Impostor (1915) AKA The Impostors (copyright title)
45. Marrying Money (1915) Lyman Niles AKA Marriage a la Carte (USA: Reissue Title)
46. The Little Miss Brown (1915)...(Edward M. Kimball) Justin Glenton
47. The Deep Purple (1915) Reverend William Moore
48. Lola (1914)...(Edward M. Kimball) Dr. Crossett AKA Without A Soul (USA: Reissue Title)
49. Lily of the Valley (1914)...(Edward M. Kimball)
50. The House on the Hill (1914)
51. The Gang (1914) AKA The Reformation of the Gang (USA)
52. The Crime of Cain (1914)
53. The Awakening of Barbara Dare (1914)
54. The Spirit and the Clay (1914) Galton
55. Memories That Haunt (1914)...(Edward M. Kimball)
56. The Christian (1914) Lord Storm
57. The Cure (1913)
58. The Only Way (1913)
59. The Little Minister (1913)...(Edward M. Kimball)
60. The Delayed Letter (1913) Mabel's Father
61. A Vitagraph Romance (1912) Senator Carter of Montana
62. The Awakening of Jones (1912)...(Edward M. Kimball)
63. Martha's Rebellion (1912) Dr. Goodwill


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