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Edward Gaylord Bourne

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Name  Edward Bourne

Education  Yale University
Died  February 24, 1908, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Books  Spain in America - 1450‑1580, Essays in historical criticism, Columbus - Ramon Pane and, The Philippine Islands - 1, History of the surplus revenue

Edward Gaylord Bourne, Ph. D. (June 24, 1860 – February 24, 1908) was an American historian, born in Strykersville, New York, and educated at Yale graduating in 1883 with high honors. He taught at Adelbert College, Cleveland from 1888 - 1895 when he became a Professor of History at Yale. Bourne is considered one of the founders of Latin American history as a field in the United States. The publication of his Spain in America (1904), was "a major landmark in the development of the field," which "gave a lucid synthesis of the institutional life of Spanish America, ranging also through economic, social, and cultural developments...." In an assessment of Bourne's work, Charles Gibson and Benjamin Keen state that "He may justifiably be termed the first scientific historian of the United States to view the Spanish colonial process dispassionately and thereby to escape the conventional Anglo-Protestant attitudes of outraged or tolerant disparagement."



Bourne published many critical papers on historical subjects. One of them, "The Legend of Marcus Whitman," is generally considered to have settled the Whitman question. His four-volume Spain in America is credited with "an unequivocally scholarly presentation, in laying a positive assessment of early Hispanic colonization before the [U.S.] American public." The work was reissued in 1962, indicating its enduring importance to the field.

Bourne published:

  • The History of the Surplus Revenue of 1837 (1885)
  • Historical Introduction to the Philippine Islands (1903)
  • Spain in America, 1450-1580 (1904) 4 vols. Reissued 1962.
  • Life of J. L. Motley (1905)
  • Discovery, Conquest, and History of the Philippine Islands (1907)
  • Bourne edited:

  • Rocher's Spanish Colonial System (1904), and translated The Narrative of De Soto (1904) and The Voyage of Champlain (1905).
  • Honors

    Bourne was elected a member of the American Antiquarian Society in 1893.


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