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EchoStar XV

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Mission type  Communication
COSPAR ID  2010-034A
Mission duration  15 years planned
Inclination  0.01°
Period  24 hours
Launch site  Baikonur Cosmodrome
Operator  EchoStar
SATCAT no.  36792
Manufacturer  Space Systems/Loral
Inclination  0.01°
Launch date  10 July 2010
Bus  SSL 1300
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Launch of echostar xvii

EchoStar XV is an American geostationary communications satellite which is operated by EchoStar. It is positioned in geostationary orbit, and will be located at a longitude of 61.5° West, from where it is intended to provide direct broadcasting of high-definition television services to the continental United States and Puerto Rico for Dish Network.


EchoStar XV was built by Space Systems/Loral, and is based on the LS-1300 satellite bus. It is equipped with 32 J band (IEEE Ku band) transponders, and at launch it had a mass of 5,521 kilograms (12,172 lb). It has a design life of fifteen years,; however, it is carrying enough fuel for around twenty years of operations. It has a common configuration with EchoStar XI and EchoStar XVI.

The launch of EchoStar XV was conducted by International Launch Services, using a Proton-M carrier rocket with a Briz-M upper stage. The launch occurred from Site 200/39 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, at 18:40 UTC on 10 July 2010. The launch successfully placed EchoStar XV into a geosynchronous transfer orbit. Following separation from the rocket, it manoeuvred into a geostationary orbit with a perigee of 35,781 kilometres (22,233 mi) and an apogee of 35,805 kilometres (22,248 mi).

Echostar xvii satellite launch july 5 2012


EchoStar XV Wikipedia

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