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EZ Platform

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Developer(s)  eZ Systems
Operating system  Cross-platform
EZ Platform
Stable release  1.7.0 / December 16, 2016 (2016-12-16)
Platform  PHP, Full Stack Symfony Framework
Type  Content management system
License  GNU General Public License

eZ Platform (pronounced "easy platform") is an open source enterprise PHP content management system developed by the company eZ Systems, which has headquarters in Porsgrunn, Norway and Brooklyn, NY USA. eZ Platform is freely available under the GNU GPL version 2 license, as well as under proprietary licenses that include commercial support.


The initial version of eZ Platform was released on December 15, 2015. The product is a fully functional Open Source CMS.

Origins of eZ Platform

eZ Platform is the successor to eZ Publish, an Open Source CMS in development since 1999. The previous iteration, eZ Publish 5, was a hybrid approach with old code as well as rewritten code. eZ Platform drops all the legacy code from the software and completes the transition to a complete new code base built on the Symfony2 Full Stack Framework. The content repository core and user interface are rewritten, but retain the same concepts as the previous eZ Publish software.

eZ Platform is one of many CMSs utilizing Symfony PHP components.

Features and relation to the Symfony Framework

eZ Platform is built on the Symfony Full Stack Framework, a leading PHP framework used today by more than 300,000 developers worldwide. Since eZ Platform is based on the complete framework, developers can integrate any Symfony extension (ie. bundle) into eZ Platform to add more functionality and, vice versa, Symfony developers can integrate eZ into their Symfony projects. eZ Platform itself is—in Symfony terms—a number of bundles standing on top of Symfony which add features such as:

  • A content repository with multilingual capabilities and versioning
  • A User Interface for managing the content repository
  • A REST API for interacting with the content repository using JavaScript or other clients
  • A Siteaccess configuration model for matching URLs to provide views to the repository
  • User and permission management to control access into the repository
  • Integrated Solr search engine for performance and search features
  • Relation to eZ Enterprise and eZ Studio

    eZ Platform itself is free software, but it also serves as the core of eZ Enterprise, eZ System's commercially supported content management system. eZ Enterprise consists of eZ Platform and eZ Studio—a set of additional tools for editors and marketers—along with professional services and support. eZ Studio is fully integrated into the same User Interface as eZ Platform. eZ Studio adds features for content creation and landing page management including automated content scheduling, drag-and-drop blocks and in-page editing using the APIs provided by eZ Platform. While eZ Studio is not open source, developers with access can customize and extend the toolset's landing page editor by building additional functionality.


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