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ESPN Sunday Night NFL

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Initial release date  1 August 1994
Publisher  Sony Imagesoft
ESPN Sunday Night NFL ESPN Sunday Night NFL for Genesis 1994 MobyGames
Release date(s)  Super NES: NA: November 1994 Sega Genesis: NA: August 1, 1994 Sega CD: NA: November 1994
Mode(s)  Single-player Multiplayer (up to two players)
Genre  Sports game (American football)
Platforms  Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis, Sega CD
Developers  Sony Imagesoft, Absolute Entertainment, Ringler Studios
Similar  Sony Imagesoft games, American football games, Other games

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ESPN Sunday Night NFL is a sports video game that was released for the Super NES, Sega CD, and Sega Genesis in 1994.


ESPN Sunday Night NFL ESPN Sunday Night NFL Game Download GameFabrique

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Like in other football games, the player must run, pass, and/or kick a ball across a regulation field spanning 100 yards (91 m) in order to score points.

ESPN Sunday Night NFL SNES Super Nintendo for ESPN Sunday Night NFL ROM

Weather conditions would vary, making the game have an element of realism that manipulates the football and the players. Chris Berman's voice was provided as the announcer of every game that the player participated in. All of the 28 teams that were in the NFL were during the early 1990s were in the game. However, the names of the individual players are not used due to the development company not being able to acquire the full NFLPA license.

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It was the second in a chain of ESPN-themed sports games, following ESPN Baseball Tonight. The Dallas Cowboys have the best offense in the game while the Atlanta Falcons have the worst offense in the game.


ESPN Sunday Night NFL Super Nintendo Entertainment System ESPN Sunday Night NFL USA

Reviewing the Genesis version, GamePro commented that ESPN Sunday Night NFL "lacks the well-crafted execution of Madden '95 or any number of other football games." They particularly criticized the lack of real players, the players' identical performance, the poor graphics, and the limited sound effects. Their review of the Super NES version declared it to be an improvement over the Genesis version, with better graphics, sounds, and playability. However, they stated the game is still mediocre in all those factors, particularly noting the excessive flicker and simplistic gameplay which appear in both versions of the game.

ESPN Sunday Night NFL ESPN Sunday Night NFL U ISO lt SegaCD ISOs Emuparadise
ESPN Sunday Night NFL ESPN Sunday Night NFL U ISO lt SegaCD ISOs Emuparadise


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