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EA Sports F1 series

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Release date(s)  2003
Initial release date  24 June 2003
Publisher  Electronic Arts
Genre(s)  Sim racing
Series  EA Sports F1 series
Platform  Microsoft Windows
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Mode(s)  Single player, multiplayer, Career mode, online
Developers  Image Space Incorporated, Visual Sciences
Designers  Image Space Incorporated, Visual Sciences
Similar  EA Sports F1 series games, Image Space Incorporated games, Sim racing games

The EA Sports F1 series consists of six racing simulation games based on Formula One motorsport. The games were released annually between 2000 and 2003, stopped selling, then continued in 2006. They were developed by Image Space Incorporated (PC) and Visual Science (Console Versions).



The Formula One games have a variety of 'driving aids' options that can be tailored to the users' own tastes. Thus, in terms of car handling, the game can play either as an arcade racer or a driving simulation. The game also has a bunch of hidden options. Any experimented user could activate these and optimize vehicle physics for a better racing simulation experience.

F1 Challenge '99-'02

After losing the official F1 license from Formula One Administration Ltd. to a multi-year exclusive licensing contract between FOA and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (publishers of the competing Formula One series on PlayStation/PlayStation 2), ISI developed their final release hitting stores in 2003.

Because of the progressing potential of the game engine, all cars models, mechanics and textures were made from scratch for its release, in order of make them more realistic and adaptable for less powerful PCs. Also, all the tracks were created specifically for each season, resembling the real circuits.

The use of simple text files for track, drivers and cars physics parameters led to gradually make F1C as it is known, into a powerful 3D racing platform which saw from year 2003 onwards the release of mods from independent developers who posted their work for free in their web sites tuning not only cars physics, but circuit physics and of course release every time track dependent liveries and 3D models for the cars.

F1 Career Challenge

F1 Career Challenge is the console version of F1 Challenge '99-'02. It is the first F1 game which has a career mode. It is based on four seasons: the 1999 Formula One season, the 2000 Formula One season, the 2001 Formula One season and the 2002 Formula One season.


  • EA Sports F1 2000, released early 2000 on PC and PS
  • F1 Championship Season 2000, released late 2000 on PC, PS, PS2, Macintosh, and Game Boy Color
  • F1 Manager, released late 2000 on PC. Based on the 1999 Formula One Season
  • EA Sports F1 2001, released late 2001 on PC, PS2 and Xbox
  • EA Sports F1 2002, released mid-2002 on PC, PS2, Xbox, GameCube and GBA
  • F1 Challenge '99-'02, released mid-2003 on PC. Released as F1 Career Challenge on PS2, Xbox and GameCube
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