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E531 series

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In service  2005–Present
Constructed  2005–2014
Replaced  403 series, 415 series
Number in service  325 vehicles
E531 series
Manufacturer  Tokyu Car Corporation, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, JR East, J-TREC
Number built  335 vehicles (23 10-car sets, 21 5-car sets)

The E531 series (E531系) is an electric multiple unit (EMU) train type operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in Japan. It was introduced by JR East on 9 July 2005 to replace the aging 403 and 415 series EMUs running on the Jōban Line from Ueno Station in Tokyo. The stock is a dual-voltage (1,500 V DC & 20 kV AC) development of the DC-only E231 series suburban EMU design, and can run at speeds of up to 130 km/h (80 mph) in service.



  • Ueno-Tokyo Line (Shinagawa - Ueno)
  • Jōban Line (Ueno - Iwaki)
  • Mito Line
  • Trains are formed in 10-car (set numbers K-401 onward) and 5-car (set numbers K-451 onward) sets. 15-car formations are generally run between Ueno and Tsuchiura. 10- and 5-car sets operate singly north of Tsuchiura, and 5-car sets are used on the Mito Line.


    The E531 series sets are formed as shown below with car 1 (11) at the Ueno end. All sets are based at Katsuta Depot.

    10-car sets

    Sets K401–423 (23 sets):

    Cars 3 and 8 have one single-arm pantograph each. Cars 1, 5, and 10 have toilets (universal access in cars 1 and 10). Car 9 is numbered in the SaHa E531-2000 series for sets K412 to 422 (cars originally used as cars 4 and 5 in sets K401 to 421).

    5-car sets

    Sets K451–469 (19 sets):

    Car 13 has one single-arm pantograph. Car 11 has a toilet (universal access).

    Sets K551–:

    Original 10-car sets (July 2005 – March 2007)

    The original 10-car sets delivered without bilevel Green cars were formed as follows.

    Sets K401–406

    Cars 3 and 8 had one single-arm pantograph each. Cars 1 and 10 had toilets (universal access).

    Sets K407–411

    Cars 3 and 8 had one single-arm pantograph each. Cars 1 and 10 had toilets (universal access).


    The first E531 series trains entered service on 9 July 2005.

    Pairs of double-deck "Green" (first class) cars were added to the 10-car sets from 6 January 2007, and all 10-car sets included Green cars by the start of the revised timetable on 18 March 2007.

    In September 2014, an additional 10-car set, K423, was delivered from the J-TREC factory in Yokohama, four years after construction of the original fleet had ceased. This was followed in December 2014 by a five-car set, K469, also delivered from J-TREC in Yokohama.

    Build details

    The build details for the fleet as of 1 October 2014 are as shown below.

    10-car sets

  • Note that many sets incorporate cars (cars 4, 5, 6 and 9) built by manufacturers other than those listed above due to reforming when Green cars were inserted between 2005 and 2006.
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