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Species  Human
Entrez  1877
Human  Mouse
Ensembl  ENSG00000167967
Aliases  E4F1, E4F, E4F transcription factor 1
External IDs  MGI: 109530 HomoloGene: 3259 GeneCards: E4F1

Transcription factor E4F1 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the E4F1 gene.



The zinc finger protein encoded by this gene is one of several cellular transcription factors whose DNA-binding activities are regulated through the action of adenovirus E1A. A 50-kDa amino-terminal product is generated from the full-length protein through proteolytic cleavage. The protein is differentially regulated by E1A-induced phosphorylation. The full-length gene product represses transcription from the E4 promoter in the absence of E1A, while the 50-kDa form acts as a transcriptional activator in its presence.


E4F1 has been shown to interact with:

  • P16,
  • P53, and
  • RB1
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