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Dying of the Light (Heroes)

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Episode no.
Season 3 Episode 6

Production code

Directed by
Daniel Attias

Original air date
October 20, 2008

Written by
Chuck Kim and Christopher Zatta

"Dying of the Light" is the sixth episode of the third season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes and fortieth episode overall. The episode aired on October 20, 2008.



The episode begins with an explanation of how Hiro 'killed' Ando, using fake blood and a prop sword. Having been convinced, Knox leaves and Daphne is angry, since she believed Hiro was a good guy. He asks to meet with his new employer, but she informs him that he's to go to Africa to capture Usutu and bring him to Pinehearst. After she leaves, Hiro takes Ando with him as he teleports to Africa.

Claire realizes Meredith hasn't come back from her search for her daughter and decides to go look for her. When Claire tells Sandra this, she partners herself with Claire, reinforcing the Company's "one of us, one of them" policy.

Knox escorts Adam through Pinehearst to Arthur Petrelli's room. Adam is terrified so Knox, with his increased strength, forces Adam's hand into Arthur's; Adam, screaming, rapidly begins to age and decay, turning into a pile of dust in seconds. Arthur sits up and removes the tube from his throat, having obtained Adam's cellular regenerative ability.

At the airport, Daphne has doubts over finding Parkman. Linderman appears and reminds her of the 'protection' given by Pinehearst. Matt appears, talking to his caged tortoise, amazed that Daphne is there; at the same time, Daphne is amazed that Matt already knows her without having even met her. He explains that he had a prophetic vision of his future in Africa, where they are married and have a child. Daphne gives him a card for Pinehearst and speeds off. As she does so, he says they named their future baby Daniella, after Daphne's grandmother. Daphne returns, admits that Daniella is her grandmother's name, and asks Matt to stay at the airport so she can find him later and they can talk further.

Nathan and Tracy arrive at Mohinder's apartment, explaining that Tracy is Niki's sister and that her and Nathan's powers are synthetic. Mohinder gives Tracy and Nathan injections, which he claims are DNA markers. However, Tracy collapses unconscious and a horrified Nathan lunges at Mohinder, falling into the next room and seeing cocooned figures before falling into a coma as well.

Daphne penetrates Level 5 and meets with Sylar, who rejects her offer. She points out that the Company is trying to change Sylar into something he isn't. She then leaves with Flint. Sylar goes to Peter's cell and releases him, insisting he won't hurt Peter and that he's trying to change. Peter confirms that he saw Sylar control his power in the future, giving Sylar hope that he can accomplish it some day.

Eric Doyle is at his marionette theater controlling Meredith, promising that she'll learn to love him and threatening her with a broken wine glass. Sandra attempts to distract Doyle while Claire breaks in to rescue Meredith, but the plan goes awry and they are all captured. Doyle decides to make the three women play a twisted version of Russian Roulette until Claire persuades Sandra to shoot her. Claire quickly regenerates and knocks Doyle unconscious. Noah arrives and agrees that Claire no longer needs protection, and he asks Meredith to partner with him.

Ando and Hiro appear at Usutu's hut in Africa, where Hiro is knocked out with a shovel when trying to catch Usutu using his powers. Ando suggests he travels back to one minute before he got hit, but Usutu sees this and hits him again. Eventually they sneak up on Usutu without using powers, by hiding behind the hut. He congratulates Hiro, saying that he's learned how to use his head instead of relying on his powers. Usutu informs Hiro that he is now ready and directs him to a painting showing Arthur and his assembled villains that they need to face: Arthur Petrelli, Sylar, Flint and Knox, along with the double helix.

Daphne arrives at Mohinder's apartment, telling him that her employers want access to his database, and they've already created a way to synthesize special powers. Daphne offers him a Pinehearst business card but discovers Tracy and Nathan strapped to a table. Further disillusioned with the people she's rounding up, she returns to Matt warning that her employers aren't good people. Matt warns that she'll die in the future if she continues to associate with Pinehearst. He promises to protect her but she says he can't and runs away.

Mohinder prepares to experiment on Nathan and Tracy. Tracy tries to reason with him, expressing sympathy and understanding of his situation. She suggests that Daphne's employers can give him the answers she needs, and tells him she understands what it's like to be considered a monster. She offers him her hand and he takes it. Tracy then freezes his hand, sending him reeling back. She freezes the strap and breaks it, then frees Nathan. Mohinder recovers and throws a lab bench at them, and says that it's not over yet.

Peter and Sylar visit Angela, which convinces Peter to visit Pinehearst. Sylar believes he is too weak, and after a fight, Peter confines him to a cell. Knox, Flint, Daphne, and Maury Parkman have just arrived to talk to Arthur. Peter bursts in, turning visible, and prepares to fire a lighting bolt. Arthur says that Peter is his son, and asks for a hug. Peter agrees, and Arthur uses his ability on his son. Peter collapses to the ground and discovers he no longer has his powers. Arthur fills his hand with lightning and informs Peter that he has taken Peter's powers.

Critical Reception

Steve Heisler of The A.V. Club rated this episode a C-.

Robert Canning of IGN gave the episode 8.5 out of 10.


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