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Director  Suman Ghosh
Writer  Suman Ghosh
Initial release  2009
Screenplay  Suman Ghosh
Country  India
6.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama
Running time  2 hours
Cinematography  Barun Mukherjee
Language  Bengali
Dwando movie poster
Based on  Decalogue II  by Krzysztof Kieslowski
Cast  Ananya Chatterjee (Sudipta), Soumitra Chatterjee (Dr Mukherjee), Kaushik Sen (Anik), Samrat Chakrabarti (Rana)
Similar movies  Soumitra Chatterjee appears in Dwando and Nobel Chor

Dwando bengali movie ainate mukh song

Dwando (English: The conflict) is a 2009 Bengali film. The film was directed by Suman Ghosh. According to Telegraph review, the film is inspired by Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Decalogue II. This was Suman Ghosh's second film after Podokkhep.



The film which the director has called a "serious film" is a psychological drama that deals with dilemma of a woman. In director's own words–I have always felt that a film should be something more than just a slice of life. In Ananya’s ethical dilemma we get the larger picture of how we can mould our behavioural pattern when some extraordinary events happen.


Sudipta is married for 10 years to Anik but the couple don't have any child and the marriage has turned cold. When Anik is away for an office trip, Sudipta gets attracted towards a young NRI Rana. Anik comes back and suspects something wrong.
It is found Anik is suffering from Brain Tumour and he is admitted to hospital for treatment under surgeon Dr Ashok Mukherjee.
Anik’s physical condition gets worse. At this time Sudipta discovers she is pregnant. Sudipta, on one hand loves her husband Anik and on the other hand loves Rana and wants to give birth to the child, faces a moral dilemma.
At a stormy night Sudipta goes to Dr. Ashok Mukherjee to know the health condition (chances of living) of Anik on which her decision will depend.
Her dilemma is ultimately resolved by Dr. Mukherjee letting love triumph over everything else.


  • Soumitra Chatterjee as Dr. Mukherjee
  • Ananya Chatterjee as Sudipta
  • Kaushik Sen as Anik
  • Samrat Chakrabarti as Rana
  • Crew

  • Director: Suman Ghosh
  • Production: Suman Ghosh Productions
  • Cinematographer: Barun Mukherjee
  • Music: Mayookh Bhaumik
  • Chief assistant director: Avijit Chaudhuri
  • Sound designer: Partha Barman
  • Art director: Tanmoy Chakraborty
  • Editor: Sujay Duttaroy
  • Costumes and Production stylist: Anandi Ghosh
  • Production Controller: Saubhik Das
  • Soundtrack

    All music composed by Mayookh Bhaumik.


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