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Duridanov Peak

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Duridanov Peak

Duridanov Peak (Bulgarian: Дуриданов връх, ‘Duridanov Vrah’ du-ri-'da-nov 'vr&h) is the sharp rocky peak in Ellsworth Mountains, Antarctica rising to 2500 m on the side ridge that trends 9.15 km from Mount Dalrymple on the main crest of northern Sentinel Range east-northeastwards to Robinson Pass. It surmounts Sabazios Glacier to the north.


Map of Duridanov Peak, Antarctica

The peak is named after the Bulgarian linguist Ivan Duridanov (1920-2005).


Duridanov Peak is located at 77°56′24″S 85°46′33″W, which is 5.67 km northeast of Mount Dalrymple, 2.48 km east-northeast of Nikola Peak, 6.65 km southwest of Mount Malone in Sostra Heights and 9.23 km northwest of Mount Schmid in Bangey Heights. US mapping in 1961.


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