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Country  India
District  East Godavari
Time zone  IST (UTC+5:30)
Population  10,000 (2011)
State  Andhra Pradesh
Talukas  Gollaprolu
PIN  533449
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Sahasra gatta abhishekam shivalayam durgada andhra pradesh

Durgada is a village in Gollaprolu Mandal in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India. The village was formerly known as దుర్గ ఓడ(durga oda), దుర్గ వాహిని (durga vaahini).It is located north-east to the Pithapuram and Gollaprolu.The village is located 1.8 Kilo meters away from NH 214 and 3 Kilo meters away from NH 16. The nearest city (35 km) is Kakinada. The most convenient way of travel for the people in village is by train.Durgada has a railway gate halt.Other than this the nearest railway stations are Ravikampadu East Godavari (2.6 km) and Gollaprolu (9.2 km) and the nearest railway junction is Samalkot (సామర్ల కోట). Nearest air strip is [[Madhurapudi, Rajahmundry]] (75 km) and the nearest airport is Visakhapatnam (125 km) and nearest seaport is Kakinada Port.


Map of Durgada, Andhra Pradesh

Durgada sivalayam east godavari district


Road ways: Long back ago there was APSRTC bus facility.But now is no Public bus facility. The people depend on Auto-rikshas.

Railways: There is Railway Gate halt in the village.There are 8 passenger trains available every day. among 8, 4 are towards Visakhapatnam and remaining 4 are towards Samalkot junction


Histoty : Durgada was built on the top of a hill.There are no such proofs when the durgada was built, but pullakavi a famous author was lived around 15th century in durgada.There are some monuments and buildings that shows the signs of British colonial rule. it was under the rule of Rao Venkata Kumara Mahipati Surya Rau maharaja of pithapuram for some time.


According to census India 2011. There are around 10,717 people in the village among them 5368 are males and 5349 are females.Average Sex Ratio is 996 which higher than andhra pradesh 963. literacy rate in the village is around 60% which less than state literacy percentage which is 67.02% .

Work profile

Most of the people in the village are small and marginal farmers having less than 5 acre of agricultural land and some people are Agricultural labour . Very fewer people are engaged in other works such as mango pickle manufacturing and one gram gold selling.

Cast profile

Most of the castes are here. The majority of people are kapu around 50%, with yadavas second majority people schedule castes constitutes 12% of population.


As there is no irrigation by rivers or canals people depend on ground water irrigation. So the people in the village cultivates less water consuming crops mostly commercial crops. The most famous crops in the durgada are:

  • Onion
  • Buriaya Mirchi (small round bell type mirchi)
  • cotton
  • sugar cane
  • coconut
  • oil palm
  • mango
  • coconut
  • papaya
  • Rice
  • Most of the people will cultivate two crops per year such onions during kharif crop and sesame or water melon during Rabi or some other Vegetable crops.


    The people in the Village are seems more spiritual. There are so many temples. Sri Nerelamma Temple

    Sri Panchayatana samethe Uma Ramalingeswara Temple

    శ్రీ పంచయాతన సమేత ఉమా రామ లింగేశ్వర స్వామి (శివాలయం): This Temple is located north to south to the village. The idol in the temple was said to be installed by Rama in Treta Yuga during his exile (vanavaasam)(వనవాసం).

    Sri Kanaka Durga Temple

    శ్రీ కనక దుర్గ అమ్మవారు : This is located east to the village

    Sri Vegulamma Temple

    శ్రీ వేగులమ్మ అమ్మవారు  : Sri vegulamma ammavaru is the Gramadevata గ్రామ దేవత (village deity)

    sri saibaba temple(2 temples)(శ్రీ సాయి బాబా ఆలయం )

    One temple is located in the lane between fresh water pond(మంచి నీటి చెరువు ) and meraka veedhi raamalayam(మెరక వీధి రామాలయం ). This temple is constructed by dwibhashyam laxmi pathi( ద్విభాష్యం లక్ష్మీ పతి ). And another temple is located at durga ghiri(దుర్గ గిరి). This was constructed by the village people under the guidance of Ammula Sai Trust.

    Other temples

  • sri abhayanjaneya idol (శ్రీ అభయాంజనేయ స్వామి )
  • sri bavana rushi sametha bhadravathi temple (శ్రీ బావన రుషి సమేత భద్రావతి మాత ఆలయం )
  • sri bala ganapathi temple (శ్రీ బాల గణపతి ఆలయం )
  • sri ganapthi temple (శ్రీ వినాయక ఆలయం )
  • pallapu veedhi raamalayam (పల్లపు వీధి రామ కోవెల )
  • meraka veedhi raamalayam (మెరక వీధి రామ కోవెల )
  • Thotalo rammalayam (kothapeta raamalayam)(కొత్త పేట రామాలయం)
  • sri krisha ramalayam yadav street
  • (శ్రీ కృష్ణ రామాలయం)

  • Guruvu gari aashramam (గురువు గారి ఆశ్రమం)
  • Sri Sumangala kalyana venkateswara swami (శ్రీ సుమంగళ కళ్యాణ వేంకటేశ్వర స్వామి వారి ఆలయం) (under construction). This would be the largest temple in the village
  • Other than these Hindu temples there are

  • one mosque.
  • 3 to 4 churches.
  • References

    Durgada Wikipedia

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