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Dupaningan Agta

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Native to  Philippines
Ethnicity  Aeta
Dialects  Yaga
Region  northern Luzon
Native speakers  1,400 (2008)
Dupaningan Agta
Language family  Austronesian Malayo-Polynesian Philippine Northern Luzon Northeastern Luzon Dupaningan Agta

Dupaningan Agta (Dupaninan Agta), or Eastern Cagayan Agta, is a language spoken by a semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer Negrito people of Cagayan and Isabela provinces in northern Luzon, Philippines. Its Yaga dialect is only partially intelligible.


Geographic distribution

Robinson (2008) reports Dupaningan Agta to be spoken by a total of about 1,400 people in about 35 scattered communities, each with 1-70 households.

  • Palaui Island - Speakers do not consider themselves to be Dupaningan, but the language is very similar to that of the other Dupaningans.
  • Nangaramuan, Santa Ana
  • Barongagunay, Santa Clara, Santa Ana]
  • Valley Cove, Baggao
  • Kattot
  • Bolos a Ballek (Bolos Point) - village where the Dupaningan Agta language is most widely used
  • Bolos a Dakal (Bolos, Maconacon, Isabela)
  • Santa Clara, Gonzaga, Cagayan
  • Consonants

    Where symbols appear in pairs, the one to the right is voiced.


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