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Andreas Svensson

Vocals, guitar

Years active

Musician ·

Dregen Dregen om rock39n39rolllivet att bevittna pappans

Birth name
Andreas Tyrone Svensson

Full name
Andreas Tyrone Svensson

Also known as
Dregen, Dregen Hellacopter, Ask Dregen, Jerry Lee Hellacopter, Sue Ellen

12 June 1973 (age 51) (

Garage rock, punk rock, glam punk, glam rock, hard rock, glam metal

Pernilla Andersson (m. 2009)

Music groups
Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters (1994 – 1997)

Making Enemies Is Good, Them XX, Supershitty to the Max!, Total 13, Payin' the Dues

Musician, songwriter

Dregen - Mojo's Gone (Lyric Video)

Dregen (born Andreas Tyrone Svensson on 12 June 1973 in Nässjö, Sweden) is a Swedish musician best known as the former guitarist The Hellacopters and current guitarist of Backyard Babies and the newest member of Michael Monroe's band, replacing Ginger as guitarist. He is married to the singer Pernilla Andersson who is also the mother of his first child, a son called Sixten. On 1 June 2015, the couple announced its separation.


Dregen Dregen Backyard Babies Solo Album Autobiografia 2013

He is still a member of Backyard Babies, claiming in an interview with that the band will come together later and be stronger than ever. Dregen will release his own autobiography in the autumn of 2013

Dregen Rebellngeln Citerar Dregen Som skmtar riktigt kul


Dregen Premier Swedish Rocker Dregen wears Ayni Huayruro necklace

Dregen formed the Backyard Babies with his childhood friends Nicke Borg, Peder Carlsson and Johan Blomqvist in their own town of Nässjö, Sweden. The band moved to Stockholm to pursue wider success. The group signed a record deal and released their debut album Diesel & Power in 1994.

Also in 1994, Dregen met singer and guitarist Nicke Andersson who at that time played drums with Swedish death metal outfit Entombed. Together they formed another band, The Hellacopters. The Hellacopters found success in 1996 with their album Supershitty to the Max!, which won a Grammis. It was followed in 1997 by the record Payin' the Dues. The band also toured with KISS. That same year, Backyard Babies released another Grammis winning album – Total 13.

By the end of the 1990s, Dregen decided to leave The Hellacopters and focused on recording and performing with Backyard Babies.

The album Making Enemies is Good was released in 2001, and Backyard Babies were awarded another Grammis. They toured the world several times and even also did a European tour opening up for AC/DC. Since then, the band have released a number of EPs, singles and albums such as Stockholm Syndrome, People Like People Like People Like Us, Backyard Babies and Them XX. The later resulted in an anniversary tour in 2010, following which the band announced an indefinite hiatus.

In May 2011 Dregen also joined Michael Monroe, from former band Hanoi Rocks. Monroe, writing on his website, said

Dregen is the perfect choice for this band. We are a group of very strong individuals and we really needed a great personality as a guitar player. Dregen has the whole package together – he's a killer guitarist, a brilliant showman, looks great and has the right kind of attitude and taste in music. I feel very glad and lucky that he was willing and able to join us. Dregen is a real star and a true rocker at heart.I can't wait to start rockin' out with him in the band!

As of July 2011, Dregen was working on his first solo album. It was released in September 2013 as Dregen.

Musical equipment

  • Gibson ES-335 – Goldtop finish and Classic 57 bridge and neck pickups.
  • Gibson ES-335 – Cream white finish, Lundgren bridge pickup and Classic 57 neck pickup.
  • Gibson ES-335 – Black finish, DiMarzio Super Distortion bridge pickup and Classic 57 neck pickup.
  • Sundberg S-J2 acoustic – Luthier built with custom skull inlays.
  • Effects
  • Jim Dunlop Cry Baby
  • MXR MC-401 Boost
  • Amplifiers
  • Fender Super Sonic Heads through 4x12" Fender cabinets – Used live since 2009.
  • Fender Bassman Heads modified by Tommy Folkesson through 4x12 Marshall cabinets – Used live until 2009.
  • Fender Prosonic – Used during later studio recordings.
  • Selected discography

  • 1994 Backyard Babies – Diesel & Power (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 1996 The Hellacopters – Supershitty to the Max! (Guitar,vocals)
  • 1997 The Hellacopters – Payin' the Dues (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 1997 Backyard Babies – Total 13 (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 1999 Supershit 666 – Supershit666 (Gur)
  • 2001 Backyard Babies – Making Enemies Is Good (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 2001 Infinite Mass – Bullet (Guitar)
  • 2003 Backyard Babies – Stockholm Syndrome (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 2003 Wilmer X – Lyckliga Hundar (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 2004 Kurt-Sunes Med Helveteshundarna – (Komma Ut Ur Machen) Nu! (Guitar)
  • 2004 Dregen and Tyla – The Poet & The Dragon (Guitar)
  • 2004 Urrke T & Midlife Crisis – Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Country... (Guitar)
  • 2006 Backyard Babies – People Like People Like People Like Us (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 2008 Backyard Babies – Backyard Babies (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 2008 Timbuktu – Tack för kaffet (Guitar, vocals)
  • 2010 Imperial State Electric – Imperial State Electric (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 2013 Dregen – Dregen (Guitar, vocals)
  • 2013 Michael Monroe - Horns and Halos (Guitar, backing vocals)
  • 2015 Backyard Babies - Four By Four ( guitar, backing vocals)
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