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Dragan Jokso Joksovic

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Dragan Joksovic

Dragan Jokso Joksovic Dragan Jokso Joksovic

Ratko Đokić, Milan Ševo, Janne Raninen, Rade Kotur, Đorđe Božović

11 August 1956 (age 41), Pljevlja, Montenegro, Yugoslavia

4 February 1998 (aged 41) Stockholm, Sweden

Dragan Jokso Joksovic

Dragan 'Jokso' Joksović, (born August 11, 1956 in Pljevlja, PR Montenegro, FPR Yugoslavia, died February 4, 1998 in Stockholm, Sweden), was a Swedish-Serbian mobster. The police believed that Joksović could be called the Stockholm "gangster king", being largely suspected in controlling cigarette smuggling into Sweden and Denmark. Brought to court many times, he wasn't able to be convicted with any offense other than minor drug offenses, assault and abuse of judicial procedure. He was murdered at the Solvalla Horse Racing Track outside Stockholm February 4, 1998 by Finnish hitman Janne Raninen.

Dragan "Jokso" Joksović wearing a black sando and gold necklace

Joksović came to Sweden in 1979 from the Former Yugoslavia, where he grew up with Željko "Arkan" Ražnatović, who later became his godbrother.

Dragan "Jokso" Joksović, at the center, wearing a black sando and gold necklace, and two men beside him

He owned several top restaurants in Stockholm and several race horses, going to the race track at least couple times a month. Jokso maintained a close friendship with fellow mobster Ratko Đokić and served as a mentor to the current mob leader, Milan Ševo.

Dragan Jokso Joksovic Dragan Jokso Joksovic

Joksović's assassin shot him in the head twice at close range, then fired two more shots to the body. After his death, Arkan allegedly cried for the first time in his life, saying Jokso was God in Sweden. Joksović's killer was sentenced October 26, 2006 by the Helsinki Court of Appeal to life in prison. 

Dragan Jokso Joksovic Dragan Jokso Joksovic

The murder of Dragan Joksović was the beginning of a Serbian gang war in Sweden. The hit on Jokso was made by one of Jokso's soldiers Dragan "Kova" Kovač over money issues. 5 months later on July 9, 1998, Kova was murdered with a submachine gun outside a Stockholm restaurant in broad daylight.

Dragan "Jokso" Joksović looking afar while wearing a brown striped long sleeves
Dragan "Jokso" Joksović's grave


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