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Douglas Self

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Douglas Self The Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook

Audio power amplifier, Small Signal Audio De, Self on audio, The Design of Active Crossovers, Audio Engineering: Know It All

1950 (age 71)

Douglas self at burning amp festival 2011

Douglas Self is a British electronic engineer and author with a particular interest in audio. He received a first class honours degree in engineering from Cambridge University, and then studied psychoacoustics at Sussex University. He is the author of five books on audio electronics, published by Focal Press. He has also contributed many articles to Wireless World magazine, some of which were compiled into a book along with articles by Peter Baxandall.


Douglas Self The Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook

He has taken out a number of audio-related patents, including for a "crossover displacement circuit".

He has worked with several major companies, including Cambridge Audio, TAG-McLaren Audio, and Soundcraft Electronics. Circuit Cellar website described him as a 'renowned audio specialist' when discussing a design he created for Elektor magazine. He developed the concept of a "blameless" amplifier in which all the main sources of distortion are reduced to negligible levels.

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Self's books have been well-received. His Audio power amplifier Design Handbook was recommended by Walt Jung and described as "famous" by audio website hifisonix. The second edition of his Small Signal Audio Design received a very positive review in Sound on Sound magazine.

Douglas Self DIY 25 W ClassAB Power Amplifier

Published work

  • Audio Power Amplifier Design 6th edition (2013); Focal Press; ISBN 9780240526133
  • Small Signal Audio Design (2010); Focal Press; ISBN 9780240521770
  • Self on Audio: The Collected Audio Design Articles of Douglas Self (2015); Focal Press; ISBN 9781138854468
  • The Design of Active Crossovers (2011); Focal Press; ISBN 9780240817385
  • Audio Engineering Explained (2009); Focal Press; ISBN 9780240812731
  • Baxandall and Self on Audio Power (2011); Linear Audio; ISBN 9789490929039

  • Douglas Self httpslinearaudionetsiteslinearaudionetfile


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