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Dou Wei

Chinese name  竇唯 (traditional)
Origin  Beijing, China
Siblings  Peng Dou
Jyutping  Dau Wai (Cantonese)
Pinyin  Dou Wei (Mandarin)
Role  Musician
Chinese name  窦唯 (simplified)
Name  Dou Wei

Dou Wei Dou Wei sings for Peter Chan39s film Chinaorgcn
Born  October 14, 1969 (age 46) Beijing, China (1969-10-14)
Occupation  Singer-songwriter, musician, composer, poet
Spouse  Gao Yuan (m. 2002–2004), Faye Wong (m. 1996–1999)
Albums  Dark Dreams, One Stone, Two Birds, Hou Guan Yin, Eight Fragments, Rainy Murmur, Mountain River, Acousma, Sunny Days
Similar People  Faye Wong, Li Yapeng, He Yong, Cui Jian, Li Yan

Children  Dou Jingtong, Dou Jiayuan

Dou Wei (born 14 October 1969) is a Chinese musician, singer-songwriter and composer.

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Dou Wei and Dou Wei were

Dou Wei is a multi-instrumentalist and produces music across many genres. He first came to prominence as a member of the hard rock group Black Panther (Hei Bao, 黑豹). His album ''Dark Dreams (a.k.a. Black Dream) draws influences from The Cure and Bauhaus, and was a landmark album in the Chinese rock scene and gained strong popularity. In the following albums Sunny Days and Mountain River, Dou Wei explored new frontiers in electronic and ambience. From there on, Dou Wei's music took the direction of ambience, folk and post-rock. His two last vocal album Acousma and Rainy Murmur with the E band drew influence from the UK post-rock group Bark Psychosis.

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Since then Dou Wei's music became more improvisational and he has consistently collaborated with others and formed the group Indefinite. His 2013 album was described as "a fifty-minute Buddhist metal freakout". In 2014 he released the "one track album" Horoscope, with Zifeng on flute and Moxi Zishi.

Personal life

Dou Wei has two daughters: one named Dou Jingtong, born to his ex-wife, Chinese pop singer Faye Wong, and the other one, Dou Jiayuan, born to his ex-wife, photographer Gao Yuan.

On 10 May 2006, Dou was arrested after storming the office of the Beijing News newspaper's editorial department, destroying a computer keyboard and a DVD player, and pouring water on editors in the office, before setting fire to a car's boot parked in front of the newspaper's office building. Dou claimed that his actions had been justified by the actions of an anonymous Beijing News reporter, whom Dou accused of publishing what he believed to be falsified news about Dou and his second wife, Gao Yuan.

Dou Wei wrote and sang the theme song of the 2011 film Dragon. The song was nominated for best original theme song at the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards.

Solo albums

  • 1994 Black Dream (黑梦)
  • 1995 Sunny Days (艳阳天)
  • 1998 Mountain River (山河水)
  • 2004 Eight Fragments (八段锦) (recorded between 1995 and 2003)
  • 2013 Yang Jin Mantra (殃金咒)
  • 2015 Tian Zhen Jun Gong (天真君公)
  • Collaborations

  • 1991 Hei Bao (Panther,黑豹) with Black Panther
  • 1994 Black Dream (黑梦) with Dreaming
  • 1999 Acousma (幻听) E Band
  • 2000 Rainy Murmur (雨吁) E Band (demo)
  • 2002 Gloriette by Water (水亭) Mu Liang Wen Wang
  • 2003 One Stone, Two Birds (壹举·两得) with Indefinite (不一定) (recorded in 2001)
  • 2013 Mu Liang Wen Wang (暮良文王) Mu Liang Wen Wang
  • 2004 The Story Between the Mirror and Flowers (镜花缘记) with FM3
  • 2004 Three States, Four Scores (三国·四记) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2004 Wuque Liuyan (五鹊·六雁) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2004 Live On (相相生) Mu Liang Wen Wang (recorded in 2002)
  • 2004 Qiguo Shengdan (期过圣诞) with Indefinite (不一定) (live at Shenzhen, recorded in 2001)
  • 2005 Shan Dou Ji Shi Ye (山豆几石页) Mu Liang Wen Wang
  • 2005 Ji Ran Pin Qi Guo (祭然品气国) Mu Liang Wen Wang
  • 2005 Ba He (八和) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2005 Jiu Sheng (九生) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2006 Shui Xian Hou Gu Qing Feng Yue (水先后古清风乐) with Indefinite (不一定) (live at ARK Bar, Shanghai, recorded in 2005)
  • 2006 Pilgrimage to the East (东游记) (recorded in 2005)
  • 2006 Rainy Murmur (雨吁) with E Band (recorded in 2000)
  • 2006 Hou Guan Yin (后观音) with FM3
  • 2007 Song Ah Zhu Ah Ji (松阿珠阿吉) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2007 35651 (35651) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2007 Zorro in China (佐罗在中国) with Indefinite (不一定)
  • 2008 Wu Yin Huan Yue (五音环乐) with Indefinite (不一定) and Inequable (不一样)
  • 2008 798 with Indefinite (不一定) and Inequable (不一样)
  • 2010 Umbrella of Early Spring (早春的雨伞) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2010 Autumn (入秋) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2011 Vocal Music (口音) with E Band
  • 2012 Xiao Yue Dong Lu (箫乐冬炉) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2012 Di Yin Xia Shan (笛音夏扇) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2012 2012 Beat (2012拍) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2014 Horoscope (天宫图) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2014 Shan He Diao (潸何吊) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2015 Shu He Yue Ji (束河乐记) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2015 Zheng Yue San Qu (正月散曲) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2016 Fondling Qin on Spring Equinox (春分拾琴图) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2016 Jian Ting Jian (間聽監) with E Band (译)
  • 2016 Shi Yin Jian (时音鉴) with Inequable (不一样)
  • 2017 Shan Shui Qing Yin Tu (山水清音图) with Inequable (不一样)
  • With Faye Wong

  • 1994 "Vow" (誓言) (composer & co-arranger)
  • 1994 "Di-Dar" (arrangement)
  • 1994 "Please Myself" (讨好自己) (arrangement)
  • 1996 "Restless" 浮躁 (producer & song arranger)
  • 1998 "Kid" (童) (arrangement)
  • Compilations

  • 1993 Light of Hope (希望之光) on Rock Beijing (摇滚北京)
  • 1995 Lord (主) on Chinese Fire II (中国火II)
  • 1997 Gracious Trill (婉啼) on Farewell Zhang Ju (再见张炬)
  • 1999 The Grand Joss House (大庙) on Chinese Fire III (中国火III)
  • Other albums

  • Dou Wei & Dreaming: guest featuring in the movie "Beijing Bastard" (北京杂种)
  • 1999 OST: "My Favourite Snowy Days" (我最中意的雪天)
  • 2001 BOOTLEG: "Lamp Whisper Demo" (灯语demo) (producer, composer & arranger)
  • 2001 OST: "Dazzling" (花眼)
  • 2001 OST: "Seeking the Gun" (寻枪)
  • 2001 Musical Drama "Story Between the Mirror and Flowers" (镜·花·缘)
  • 2001 composer for the TV documentary: "Huang Xing, a prominent figure during Chinese Revolution of 1911" (百年任务·黄兴)
  • 2001 Dou Wei & the Not Sure Yet: master & improvisational performance for "The Transparent Box" (透明的盒子)
  • 2002 "Rekindled Story Between the Mirror and Flowers" (再续镜·花·缘)
  • 2005 OST: "You and Me" (我们俩) (for You and Me (2005) directed by Ma Liwen)
  • 2009 OST: "Beyond the Window" (窗外) (for The Equation of Love and Death(李米的猜想)(2009) directed by Cao Baoping)
  • 2011 OST: "Itinerant Swordsman" (迷走江湖) (for Dragon (2011) directed by Peter Chan)
  • 2012 Shang Xia (上下) (sound tracks created specifically for a boutique of SHANG XIA (上下), a brand under Hermès, in Shanghai)
  • References

    Dou Wei Wikipedia

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