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Dos mujeres, un camino

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Created by  Emilio Larrosa
Final episode date  1 July 1994
Number of episodes  230
First episode date  16 August 1993
Network  Las Estrellas
Program creator  Emilio Larrosa
Dos mujeres, un camino Dos mujeres un camino mira el antes y despus de protagonistas

Genre  TelenovelaRomanceDrama
Written by  Verónica SuárezAlejandro Pohlenz
Directed by  Alfredo GurrolaSalvador GarciniJosé Ángel García
Starring  Erik EstradaLaura LeónBibi GaytánEnrique RochaLuz María JerezElizabeth DupeyrónClaudio Báez
Opening theme  Dos mujeres, un camino by Laura León
Cast  Laura León, Bibi Gaytán, Erik Estrada, Enrique Rocha
Similar  Mujeres engañadas, Cuna de lobos, Muchacha italiana viene a c, Hasta el fin del mundo, As con trampa

Dos mujeres un camino entrada de telenovela 1993

Dos mujeres, un camino (English title: Two women, one path) is a Mexican neo-noir telenovela produced by Emilio Larrosa for Televisa in 1993. This production was exhibited in 47 countries, had high viewer ratings, and has been described as one of Televisa's most successful telenovelas.


Dos mujeres, un camino Mira cmo luce el elenco de quotDos mujeres un caminoquot 23 aos despus

Erik Estrada, Laura León and Bibi Gaytán starred as protagonists, while Enrique Rocha, Claudio Báez, Luz María Jerez, Elizabeth Dupeyrón, Lorena Herrera, Eduardo Liceaga and Rodrigo Vidal starred as antagonists.

Dos mujeres, un camino FOTOS Teleserie de culto Mira cmo lucen los protagonistas de

Dos mujeres un camino escenas de telenovela bibi gaytan


Dos mujeres, un camino httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen22aDos

The series tells the story of Johnny, a Mexican truck driver and family man who falls in love with a woman he meets in his travels, and of the complications as a consequence of his new love. Dos Mujeres... used the then-new North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as a backdrop to the story; Johnny transported merchandise from Mexico to the United States.

Dos mujeres, un camino Mira cmo luce el elenco de quotDos mujeres un caminoquot 23 aos despus

Johnny had enemies in Tijuana, where he was blamed for the death of Bernardo Montegarza (Eduardo Liceaga), son of the Montegarza family. Johnny is still very in love with his wife (Laura León) when he falls for a young waitress, Tanya (Bibi Gaytán), whose mother owns a restaurant that Johnny frequents.

Tanya does not know he is married, and Raymundo, a police officer in love with Tanya, is working with fellow officer Ángel to pursue the head of the family that blames Johnny for the young man's death. It is later discovered that Johnny did not cause the Bernardo's death, and while he was struggling to decide whether he wants to stay with his wife or his girlfriend, Tanya dies taking a knife thrust intended for her rival – Johnny's wife – Ana Maria.

Johnny and Ana Maria reconcile after Tanya's death. The final scene shows the couple retiring for the evening. Johnny, dreaming of Tanya's death, calls her name in his sleep. When he awakes in the morning, Ana Maria and the children are gone.

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