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Dorthe Jørgensen

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Dorthe Jørgensen Det mindste grs jeg undrer p Kristeligt Dagblad

Med kunsten og stetikken ind i teologien v dorthe j rgensen

Dorthe Jørgensen (born 1959) is a Danish philosopher and theologian. In 2006, she became the first Danish woman to be awarded the honorary higher doctorate Dr.Phil, in recognition of several successful publications. Since 2010, she has been Professor of Philosophy and the History of Ideas at Aarhus University.


Dorthe Jørgensen Ikke alt har et forml uden for sig selv Kristeligt Dagblad

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Early life and education

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Jørgensen grew up on a small dairy farm in Blegind near Hørning in Jutland. While her father attended to the livestock, her mother worked as a schoolteacher. She and her siblings had a pleasant childhood, based on old-fashioned farming traditions until her father died when only 49, suffering from changes in Danish agricultural practice.

Dorthe Jørgensen Dorthe Jørgensen

She enjoyed school, especially writing essays, and dreamt of becoming an author while in the third grade at high school. After matriculating from Skanderborg Amtsgymnasium in 1978, she began studying Literature at Aarhus University, extending her interest to the History of Ideas, graduating in each in 1982 and 1983 respectively. After spending 18 months studying philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin, in 1988 she earned an M.A. in History of Ideas with a dissertation on the German Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin: Nær og fjern: Spor af en erfaringsontologi hos Walter Benjamin, published in 1990.

In 1991, Jørgensen spent a year as a visiting scholar in the English Department at Columbia University before returning to Aarhus where she received a Ph.D. in History of Ideas in 1995 with a thesis on G.W.F. Hegel: Aber die Wärme des Bluts: Et studium i den romantisk-moderne dialektik imellem vilje til Form og erfaring af faktisk fragmentering. I anledning af G.W.F. Hegels fortrængning af modernitetserfaringen.


In 1998, Jørgensen received a tenured post at Aarhus University thanks to her general background in philosophy and the history of ideas as well as extensive qualifications in aesthetics, metaphysics and modernist theory. In 2003, she received the Science Prize by Aarhus Universitets Jubilæumsfond and in 2006 she was awarded an honorary Dr.Phil in Philosophy and the History of Ideas. She was appointed professor at the university's Institute of Philosophy and the History of Ideas in 2010. In 2014, she was honoured with a second doctorate, this time a Dr.Theol in theology in recognition of her Den skønne tænkning: Veje til erfaringsmetafysik. Religionsfilosofisk udmøntet (Beautiful Thinking: Pathways to Metaphysics of Experience. Religio-philosophically Implemented).


Jørgensen has authored 159 publications of which 16 are books. Her position as Denmark's leading expert on aesthetics is reflected in the following:

  • Skønhedens metamorfose: De æstetiske idéers historie (The Metamorphosis of Beauty: History of Aesthetic Ideas, 2001)
  • Historien som Værk: Værkets historie (History as a Work: The Work's History, 2006)
  • Skønhed - En engel gik forbi (Beauty - An Angel Passed By, 2006)
  • Aglaias dans: På vej mod en æstetisk tænkning (Aglaia's Dance: Towards an Aesthetic Thinking, 2008)
  • Verdenspoesi: Malerier og tankebilleder af filosof Dorthe Jørgensen og billedkunstner Bettina Winkelmann (World Poetry: Paintings and Thought Images by Philosopher Dorthe Jørgensen and Visual Artist Bettina Winkelmann, 2011)
  • Den skønne tænkning: Veje til erfaringsmetafysik. Religionsfilosofisk udmøntet (Beautiful Thinking: Pathways to Metaphysics of Experience. Religio-philosophically Implemented, 2014)
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