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Director  Erwin van den Eshof
Initial DVD release  July 4, 2007 (Germany)
Language  Dutch
4.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror, Thriller
Music director  Erik Jan Grob
Country  Netherlands
Doodeind movie poster

Release date  3 August 2006
Writer  Nick Jongerius (idea), Erwin van den Eshof
Initial release  August 3, 2006 (Netherlands)
Cast  Everon Jackson Hooi (Chris), Anniek Pheifer (Barbara), Alwien Tulner (Marie Mc Baine), Mads Wittermans (Sidney), Aram van de Rest (Ben), Victoria Koblenko (Laura)
Similar movies  Victoria Koblenko appears in Doodeind and Slaughter Night
Tagline  This house is angry

Doodeind ("Deadend") is a 2006 Dutch horror-thriller film written and directed by Erwin van den Eshof, it stars Victoria Koblenko, Everon Jackson Hooi and Anniek Pheifer.


Doodeind movie scenes

Doodeind movie scenes


Doodeind Subscene Dead End Dood eind English subtitle

Seven young adults, Chris, Sidney, Ben, Barbara, Laura, Joline and Tim, who were best friends as teenagers have planned reunion and decide to go camping in the woods of Scotland. While sitting around the campfire, they are attacked by wild dogs, who badly injures Sidney. Tim manages to scare the dogs off with a burning branch of fire long enough for the others to get Sidney back to their van and hide from the dogs. They start the van, but in their hurry to escape, Tim drives their van into a tree. When waking up from the crash, they discover Sidney is slowly bleeding to death, so they decide to take a walk and find some help.

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Chris discovers an old mansion and they hide from the dogs there and decide to wait until it's morning and call for rescue nearby. It's not long before they start hearing strange noises coming from upstairs. Hoping someone's home who can help them, Chris and Tim go upstairs, but they find no one. Chris later goes up to the attic where he sees a shadow shivering in the corner of the room. When approaching, he discovers it's Tim, who's shaking out of fear, and Chris soon gets a strange vision of funeral pyres, dead people and a scary looking woman. When he suddenly sees that same woman appear as a ghost in front of him, he takes Tim with him downstairs where they lock themselves in a room. While Tim goes into shock and Chris and Laura, Tim's girlfriend, try to reanimate him, strange noises come from outside the room, and black fire seems to be coming through the walls, burning Joline alive. Unable to save Tim, Chris takes the lead and gets everyone out of the room to hide somewhere else.

Doodeind Dood eind 2006 FILMTOTAAL

While Sidney has a conversation with his sister Barbara about his wife being pregnant, Joline's boyfriend Ben finds an old book that describes a story to a young girl, written by her mother, Mary McBaine. Things get worse when the gang hears Tim screaming for help. Knowing he's dead, and thus unable to do this, they realize the house is haunted, and someone's pretending to be Tim. Laura can't block out her feelings and runs away to find Tim. The group splits up to find both Laura and a way out. Barbara is the next one to bump into the woman's ghost, who is revealed to be able to become corporal, and she sends Barbara a vision about her past. Barbara is found in time by the others and she seems to be okay. She's brought back to Sidney who, despite bleeding heavily, is still doing fine.

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Chris and Ben meanwhile head out to find Laura and instead, once again come face to face with Mary. Ben saves Chris just in time and they hear strange noises coming from a small, locked room next to the attic. They enter the dark tunnel, desperate to find a way out. Sidney and Barbara try to distract each other by singing and telling each other stories, until they see the black fire approaching them again. The light goes out and they see another corporal, more beautiful version of Mary. Suddenly the light goes on again and Barbara reaches out to the place where Mary was standing seconds ago. She gets another vision. Up at the attic, Laura finds Tim sitting in the corner, naked, and black eyed. He asks her why he left her when he was dying, and she realizes someone is possessing Tim. Laura is soon attacked by an unseen force and dies.

Doodeind DEAD END Movie trailer aka Doodeind YouTube

Meanwhile, Chris and Ben finally find a way out, only to discover another book in the basement that describes what happened to Mary. She used to live in the old mansion and was pregnant with her first baby. When she was out in the woods one day, she was attacked by two men who accused her of being a witch. They beat her up and took her unborn child. Heartbroken and unable to conceive ever again, Mary used black magic to get a baby. This brought a curse upon her and the house. After reading this, Chris and Ben are once again confronted by the black fire, which kills Ben like it killed Joline. Unable to cope with the deaths of their friends, Chris and Sidney decide to deal with Mary once and for all and use Barbara to communicate with Mary. The fire starts coming back, and as Barbara is now possessed by Mary, Sidney decides to sacrifice himself so that his sister and Chirs can be saved. Chris listens in horror to Sidney scream while he's burned alive, and soon realizes the fire has now surrounded them. However, Barbara, as Mary, is able to control the fire, and she and Chris are able to walk through the house without being burned. Hearing the scream of her baby, Mary approaches a door that they were first unable to open. Now, Chris discovers it's an old nursery room, where Mary's baby used to sleep. The baby's scream is also getting louder and they follow the sound to the crib that's standing in the middle of the room.

Barbara has another vision of Mary's past, and sees how Mary's devilchild was locked in a closet that was set on fire by the parents of seven children who were attacked by the child earlier. This is how the black fire started, which killed all the parents. Chris, meanwhile, opens the closet, and Barbara approaches it. She smiles, as Mary and her child are finally reunited. She is pulled into the closet that once again is set on fire, killing her. Heartbroken over the deaths of his friends, Chris is about to give up until daylight appears; it's the next morning. Relieved he can finally escape, Chris makes his way to the front door, only to hear Mary's voice which tells him that, in order for the curse to be broken, 7 must be killed. The daylight disappears again, and the screen goes black, while the sound of the black fire approaching can be heard, followed by Chris' scream.


  • Everon Jackson Hooi as Chris
  • Anniek Pheifer as Barbara
  • Alwien Tulner as Marie Mc Baine
  • Mads Wittermans as Sidney
  • Aram van de Rest as Ben
  • Victoria Koblenko as Laura
  • Micha Hulshof as Tim
  • Terence Schreurs as Joline
  • Perla Thissen as Joline's mother
  • Han Peekel as Han Peekel
  • Noah MacIntosh as Chris' son
  • Amber Teterissa as Chris' wife
  • Kimberley Kleczka as May Mc Baine
  • RĂ©gis Marquerink as Sidney's bandmember
  • Jeroen Schippers as Sidney's bandmember
  • Dennis Jansen as Sidney's bandmember
  • Laurens de Waard as Sidney's bandmember
  • Wietze Vink as Sidney's bandmember
  • Barbara Karel as Sidney's girlfriend
  • Esther Vermeer as Vulgus
  • Bas Wijnen as Villager #1
  • Femke Verhoeve as Villager #2
  • Henk Oosterhof as Villager #3
  • Maurice Snackers as Villager #4
  • Suzan Abrahams as Villager #5
  • Marloes van Benthem as Villager #6
  • Wilma van de Hoef as Villager #7
  • Cora van Rijswijk as Villager #8
  • Marjolijn Zwakman as Villager #9
  • Keanan Kleczka as Child #1
  • Kaylan Kleczka as Child #2
  • Nick Rivard as Child #3
  • Tom Fischer as Child #4
  • Iona Cummings as Child #5
  • Rose Brennan as Child #6
  • Henry Gerdes as Child #7
  • Alex Kohnert as Child #8
  • Production

    The film was shot in October 2005 and is in collaboration with TMF in August 2006 was part of a contest, here premiered their own horror trailer, which won the contest. The trailer will be put on the bonus disc of the double disc version on the DVD of the film.


    The film premiered on 3 August 2008 in the Dutch Filmmuseum in Overveen.


    The soundtrack is include the hit single Alleen op de Wereld (Je Staat er Alleen voor) from Nino.


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