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Dont Say a Word

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Genre  Crime, Drama, Mystery
Story by  Andrew Klavan
Country  United States Australia
6.3/10 IMDb

Director  Gary Fleder
Music director  Mark Isham
Language  English Italian
Dont Say a Word movie poster
Release date  28 September 2001 (2001-09-28)
Based on  Dont Say a Word  by Andrew Klavan
Writer  Andrew Klavan (novel), Anthony Peckham (screenplay), Patrick Smith Kelly (screenplay)
Cast  Michael Douglas (Nathan R. Conrad), Sean Bean (Patrick Koster), Brittany Murphy (Elisabeth Burrows), Skye McCole Bartusiak (Jessie Conrad), Guy Torry (Dolen), Jennifer Esposito (Detective Sandra Cassidy)
Similar movies  Mad Max: Fury Road, Jurassic World, The Rescuers Down Under, John Wick, Furious 7, Blackhat
Tagline  ...I'll never tell.

Don t say a word trailer

Don't Say a Word is a 2001 American psychological thriller film starring Michael Douglas, Brittany Murphy and Sean Bean based on the novel of the same title by Andrew Klavan. Don't Say a Word was directed by Gary Fleder and written by Anthony Peckham and Patrick Smith Kelly.


Dont Say a Word movie scenes

Dont say a word 2001 trailer


Dont Say a Word movie scenes

In 1991, a gang of thieves steal a rare $10-million gem, but, in the process, two of the gang double-cross their leader, Patrick Koster (Sean Bean) and take off with the precious stone.

Dont Say a Word movie scenes

Ten years later, on the day before Thanksgiving, prominent private practice Manhattan child psychiatrist, Dr. Nathan R. Conrad (Michael Douglas), is invited by his friend and former colleague, Dr. Louis Sachs (Oliver Platt), to examine a disturbed young lady named Elisabeth Burrows (Brittany Murphy) at the state sanatorium.

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Having been released from prison on November 4, Patrick and the remaining gang members break into an apartment which overlooks Nathan's apartment, where he lives with his wife Aggie (Famke Janssen) and daughter Jessie (Skye McCole Bartusiak). That evening, Patrick kidnaps the psychiatrist's daughter as a means of forcing him to acquire a six-digit number from Elisabeth's memory.

As Nathan visits Elisabeth, she is reluctant at first, but he gains her trust later—especially when he reveals that his daughter has been kidnapped and will be killed if he doesn't get the number they want. Dr. Sachs admits to Nathan that the gang who kidnapped Jessie also kidnapped his girlfriend to force him to acquire the number from Elisabeth. Sachs is then visited by Detective Sandra Cassidy (Jennifer Esposito) who reveals to him that his girlfriend has been found dead.

Meanwhile, Aggie hears Jessie's voice and realizes the kidnappers reside in the apartment nearby. The kidnappers send one of them to kill Aggie while the others escape with Jessie, but Aggie sets an ambush and kills him.

After Nathan takes Elisabeth out of the sanatorium, she remembers certain events regarding the gang. It is revealed that Elisabeth's dad was a member of the gang that committed the robbery ten years prior and that he double-crossed them and took the stolen gem. However, other members of the gang later found him and ordered him to reveal where he had hidden the gem, subsequently pushing him in front of a subway train. The gang members were arrested immediately, and Elisabeth escaped with her doll in which the gem was hidden. She also remembers that the required number, 815508, is the number of her father's grave at Hart Island and that her doll is placed beside him in the coffin. She explains that she had stowed away on a boat that was taking her father's coffin for burial in Potter's field on Hart Island, where the gravediggers put the doll, named Mischka, inside.

Nathan and Elisabeth steal a boat to reach Hart Island. The gang members track them down and demand that Nathan give them the number they want. Elisabeth reveals the number and Patrick orders his companion to exhume her father's coffin. He finds the doll and the gem hidden inside it. He then decides to kill Nathan and Elisabeth, but Detective Cassidy arrives before he can shoot them. Patrick's companion is shot by Cassidy, but Patrick manages to wound her. Taking advantage of the confusion, Nathan takes the gem from Patrick and throws it to a nearby excavation machine. Patrick goes to recover the gem, but Nathan triggers the mechanism which covers Patrick with earth, burying him alive. Nathan is then reunited with his wife and daughter, and it is implied that Elisabeth goes on to live with the Conrads.


  • Michael Douglas as Dr. Nathan R. Conrad
  • Sean Bean as Patrick Koster
  • Brittany Murphy as Elisabeth Burrows
  • Guy Torry as Dolen
  • Jennifer Esposito as Det. Sandra Cassidy
  • Famke Janssen as Agatha "Aggie" Conrad
  • Oliver Platt as Dr. Louis Sachs
  • Skye McCole Bartusiak as Jessie Conrad
  • Shawn Doyle as Russel Maddox
  • Victor Argo as Sydney Simon
  • Conrad Goode as Max Dunlevy
  • Paul Schulze as Jake
  • Lance Reddick as Arnie
  • Aidan Devine as Leon Edward Croft
  • Alex Campbell as Jonathan
  • Arlene Duncan as Aide
  • Judy Sinclair as Zelda Sinclair
  • Larry Block as Doorman
  • David Warshofsky as Ryan
  • Darren Frost as Janitor
  • Philip Williams as Large Cop
  • Louis Vanaria as Cop at Scene
  • Daniel Kash as Detective Garcia
  • Lucie Laurier as Vanessa
  • Isabella Fink as 8 Year Old Elisabeth
  • Ray Iannicelli as Man at Marina
  • Colm Magner as Cop #1
  • Cyrus Farmer as Officer #1
  • Martin Roach as Transit Cop
  • Patricia Mauceri as Sofia
  • Soundtrack

    The film's musical score was composed by Mark Isham. The soundtrack was released on cd from Varese Sarabande that contains eight score selections from various scenes, including Heist, Kidnapped and the horrific events at Subway.

    1 Heist 6:02 2 Elisabeth 4:40 3 Kidnapped 4:28 4 A Body 1:37 5 Hart Island 3:38 6 Subway 4:06 7 Mishka 3:13 8 A Family 3:24

    Critical response

    Don't Say a Word received poor reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a score of 24% based on 113 reviews. Metacritic gives the film a generally unfavorable review with a score of 38% based on 32 reviews.

    Box office

    Despite poor reception by critics, the film was a box office success. It earned over $100 million worldwide against a budget of $50 million.


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