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Donabate Parish Council

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Donabate Portrane Community Council is community organisation in the Donabate Portrane Peninsula in Fingal. It is represented on the Fingal Community Forum. It is affiliated to Muintir na Tíre (a national voluntary organisation dedicated to promoting the process of community development in Ireland). Donabate Parish Council is incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee since 2006, having the company number 420069, the word “Limited” being omitted by licence of the Minister for Enterprise and Employment.


The Council is a democratically elected non-party political body representing the residents of the Donabate Portrane peninsula. It covers the two civil parishes of Donabate and Portrane. The committee includes members elected at the A.G.M. and nominated representatives of local Residents' Associations.

The Council has sub-committees such as Tidy Towns, Neighbourhood Watch. In 2004 it formed a sub-committees to form a secondary school which was opened this year.

Donabate Parish Council is now known as Donabate Portrane Community Council. The trading name was changed in 2007.


As set out in article two of the constitution of Donabate Portrane Community Council: The aims of the Council shall be -

  • (a) the encouragement, improvement, and sponsorship of the Social, Educational, Scientific, Cultural, Recreational and Training amenities for all the people of the peninsula
  • (b) to represent each and every member of the community and the community as a whole in dealings with local governmental statutory bodies and other agencies in seeking, when considered necessary, technical, financial, or other assistance in the promotion of the common good and to advise and assist where possible such authorities in the exercise of their functions in the locality
  • (c) to acquire and hold by rental, lease, purchase, donation or otherwise, such properties and effects as shall be considered appropriate or expedient to attain these ends.
  • Funding and Communication

    Donabate Parish Council publishes the Donabate Portrane community newsletter. It raises funds via an annual church gate collection, selling Christmas trees and advertisements carried in the newsletter. It organises occasional public meetings on different community issues, and usually forms action committees from such meetings. By getting people to join action committees, the community council aims to involve more people in shaping the community and at the same time, achieve better communication (through word-of-mouth) with the community.


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