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Don Falcone

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Origin  Pennsylvania, USA
Creator  David Mazzucchelli
Role  Fictional Character

Name  Don Falcone
Years active  1980 - present
Don Falcone staticcomicvinecomuploadsoriginal7748631361
Also known as  Don Marino Falcone, Spaceship Eyes
Born  November 5, 1958 (1958-11-05)
Genres  Rock, Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock, Space rock, Ambient
Occupation(s)  Keyboardist, Composer, Bandleader, Record producer
Instruments  Keyboard, Synthesizer, Bass Guitar
Similar  Salvatore "The Boss" Maroni, Harvey Bullock, Sarah Essen Gordon, James Gordon, Alberto Falcone

Played by  John Doman, Tom Wilkinson

Don Falcone (born November 5, 1958) is an American musician and producer. Originally a poet-performer in Pennsylvania, he relocated to San Francisco at the beginning of the 1980s. He was a member of Thessalonians and the original Melting Euphoria, had a solo project called Spaceship Eyes, and since 1996 has led the Spirits Burning space rock collective. Various cable and TV network programs have also used Falcone's music.


Don Falcone Is the Joker in Gotham Who is Camren Bicondova

Early recordings

Don Falcone Gotham39 series premiere Are you in

During the early 1990s, as electronica and ambient were coming to prominence, Silent Records founder Kim Cascone included Falcone on the first Heavenly Music Corporation album. Falcone was subsequently asked to join Cascone in Thessalonians. Along with fellow Thessalonians Paul Neyrinck, Falcone and Cascone recorded as a trio under various project names, debuting as Satellite IV on the Fifty Years of Sunshine CD. The majority of the trio's material was released under the name Spice Barons; they recorded two full-length albums and also contributed to the John C. Lilly E.C.C.O. album.

Don Falcone In Gotham John Doman plays the crimelord Carmine

In 1994, Falcone formed Melting Euphoria with Mychael Merrill and Anthony Who. Focusing on space rock, their debut recording was "Through the Strands of Time"; Falcone left the group soon after its release.

As Spaceship Eyes

Don Falcone GOTHAM Season 1 Episode 7 RecapReview quotPenguin39s Umbrellaquot

In 1995, Falcone started a solo project in San Francisco called Spaceship Eyes. The project was included on several drum and bass compilations. The band released the single "Cheebahcabra" on Hypnotic Records in 1997, followed by the LPs "Truth in the Eyes of a Spaceship" in 1998 and "Of Cosmic Repercussions" in 2000. Three of Falcone's Spaceship Eyes pieces appeared in the 1999 cult rave film Better Living Through Circuitry. Most notably, Mind The Alien from Truth In The Eyes Of A Spaceship was used as the film's opening track.

With Spirits Burning

Don Falcone Gotham39 John Doman talks playing Batvillain mob boss

In 1996, Falcone resurrected Spirits Burning. Spirits Burning was one of his first San Francisco bands, for which Falcone played bass and keyboards. Falcone set Spirits Burning on their continuing mission just as the internet began to open up an index of collaborative possibilities that studio recordings and logistics previously precluded: the chance for content-creators to recruit musicians on an ad hoc basis across the ether; musicians they’d have scant hope of playing with face-to-face. In the space-rock community, Falcone has done particularly well out of this approach. A survey of his first 10 years under the Spirits Burning banner throws up some surprising contributors (including Daevid Allen, Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson, and High Tide’s Simon House).

Various collaborations

Don Falcone battle arena game

Collaborating with Daevid Allen, Falcone released Glissando Grooves on Voiceprint Records in 2006. Falcone and Allen were part of Weird Biscuit Teatime, which released their first album on Voiceprint in 2005, and the 2015 follow-up, "Elevenses," which was released under the band name Daevid Allen Weird Quartet. Falcone and Allen have collaborated in Spirits Burning (including a single released under the name Spirits Burning & Daevid Allen). In addition to Spirits Burning, Allen has contributed to other Falcone bands: Astralfish, Fireclan (which included members of Melting Euphoria), and Quiet Celebration (an ambient-ethno-jazz quartet).

Falcone and Bridget Wishart (formerly of Hawkwind) have collaborated in Spirits Burning (including CDs released under the name Spirits Burning & Bridget Wishart), plus have an instrumental project called Astralfish.

Falcone and Cyrille Verdeaux of Clearlight have collaborated in Spirits Burning (under the name Spirits Burning & Clearlight). Additionally, Falcone produced the 2014 Clearlight release Impressionist Symphony.

Noh Poetry Records

Falcone is a co-founder of Noh Poetry Records, a California-based independent record label, whose releases include a Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix album, as well as a compilation with pieces by Steven Wilson, Praxis, Kim Cascone, Don Falcone, and others.

As Spaceship Eyes

  • Kamarupa (1997)
  • Truth In The Eyes Of A Spaceship (1998)
  • Of Cosmic Repercussions (2000)
  • With Spirits Burning

  • New Worlds By Design (1999)
  • Reflections In A Radio Shower (2001)
  • Found in Nature (2006)
  • Alien Injection (2008)
  • Earth Born (2008)
  • Our Best Trips: 1998 to 2008 (2009)
  • Golden Age Orchestra (2009)
  • Bloodlines (2009)
  • Crazy Fluid (2010)
  • Behold The Action Man (2011)
  • Healthy Music In Large Doses (2013)
  • Make Believe It Real (2014)
  • Starhawk (2015)
  • The Roadmap In Your Head (2016)
  • The Roadmap In Your Heart b/w Another Roadmap In Your Head and An Ambient Heat (2017)
  • With Astralfish

  • Far Corners (2012)
  • With Daevid Allen & Don Falcone

  • Glissando Grooves (SFO Soundtribe 3) (2006)
  • With Daevid Allen Weird Quartet (and Weird Biscuit Teatime)

  • DJDDAY (2005)
  • Elevenses (2016)
  • With Falcone & Palmer

  • Gothic Ships (2006)
  • With Fireclan

  • Sunrise to Sunset (2004)
  • With Grindlestone

  • one (2008)
  • tone (2011)
  • With Heavenly Music Corporation

  • In a Garden of Eden (1993)
  • With Melting Euphoria

  • Through The Stands of Time (1994)
  • From The Madness We Began (2013)
  • With Quiet Celebration

  • Quiet Celebration (2000)
  • Sequel (2007)
  • With Spice Barons

  • Unidentified Floating Ambience (1994)
  • Future Perfect State (1995)
  • With Thessalonians

  • Soulcraft (1993)
  • Solaristics (2005)
  • With Gary Parra's Trap

  • Beyond the Status Quo (1997)
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