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Don Easterbrook

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Name  Don Easterbrook

Role  Professor
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Books  Surface processes and landforms

Prof Don Easterbrook Crashes the Global Warming Party

Don J. Easterbrook is Professor Emeritus of Geology at Western Washington University. Easterbrook was educated at the University of Washington, where he received the BSc in 1958, the MSc in 1959, and the PhD (Geology) in 1962. His doctoral dissertation was entitled Pleistocene Geology of the Northern Part of the Puget Lowland, Washington. Easterbrook has studied global climate change for five decades. He was chairman of the Geology Department at Western Washington University for 12 years. He is an active environmentalist, having initiated undergraduate and graduate programs in environmental geology at Western Washington University.


Don Easterbrook Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes the Climate Change Hoax YouTube

Don easterbrook the cause of climate change

Scientific Societies

Don Easterbrook Dr Don Easterbrook Exposes Global Warming Hoax Chemtrails The
  • President of the Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division of the Geological Society of America
  • Chairman of the 1977 National Geological Society of America meeting
  • U.S. representative to the United Nations International Geological Correlation Program
  • Associate Editor of the Geological Society of America Bulletin for 15 years
  • Associate Editor of the Geomorphology International Journal
  • Director of Field Excursions for the 2003 International Quaternary Association Congress
  • Founder of the Pacific Coast Friends of the Pleistocene
  • Founding member of American Quaternary Association
  • Awards

    Don Easterbrook Don Easterbrook DeSmogBlog
  • National award for ‘Distinguished Service to the Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Division’, Geological Society of America
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Northwest Geological Society
  • Research

    Don Easterbrook Don Easterbrooks Heartland Distortion of Reality

    Easterbrook has conducted geologic research in the North Cascade Range, Puget Lowland, Columbia Plateau, Rocky Mts., New Zealand Alps, Argentine Andes, and various other parts of the world. His research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, U.S. Dept. of Interior, and several other governmental agencies.

    Don Easterbrook HotWhopper Fodder Denier Don Easterbrook tells more lies damned

    Easterbrook gave a speech at the 2006 Geological Society of America annual meeting, in which he stated:

    Don Easterbrook Dr Don Easterbrook to Washington Climate Change committee the

    "If the cycles continue as in the past, the current warm cycle should end soon and global temperatures should cool slightly until about 2035, then warm about 0.5°C from ~2035 to ~2065, and cool slightly until 2100. The total increase in global warming for the century should be ~0.3 °C, rather than the catastrophic warming of 3-6°C (4-11°F) predicted by the IPCC."


  • Don J. Easterbrook (2011). Evidence-Based Climate Science, 1st ed. Elsevier. p. 416. ISBN 978-0-12-385956-3.  Elsevier preview, Google preview
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