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Don Doko Don 2

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Release date(s)  JP: January 31, 1992
Developer  Taito
Mode  Single-player video game
Initial release date  31 January 1992
Publisher  Taito
Don Doko Don 2 Don Doko Don 2 Famicom Clocktower Theme PAL YouTube
Genre(s)  Action, Platform, Comical action game
Platform  Nintendo Entertainment System
Similar  Don Doko Don, Chack'n Pop, Donald Land, Musashi no Ken – Tadaima, Whomp 'Em

Don doko don 2 english translated

Don Doko Don 2 (ドンドコドン2) is a side-scrolling 2D platforming game, developed and published by Taito Corporation, which was only released in Japan in 1992. Pirated versions of this sequel have been labeled with names like "Mario 8" and "Super Bros. 8".


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Don Doko Don 2 Don Doko Don 2 Japan ROM Download for Nintendo NES CoolROMcom

According to the opening cut-scene, the Prince of the land is going to marry the Princess until a mysterious crow comes and turns the Prince into a frog with a strange potion. The Princess faints from horrible shock. The news gets out to the land and a witch summons the bearded dwarves to receive the ingredients of the antidote (the bags that appear at the end of each stage) and turn the Prince back to normal so they may continue the royal wedding.


Don Doko Don 2 Don Doko Don 2 Japan ROM Download for Nintendo NES CoolROMcom

Similar to the original Don Doko Don, the player controls a bearded dwarf wielding a hammer to flatten enemies and throw them. But unlike the original, this version is a side-scroller. The game consists of five stages, plus the final boss battles. The player's goal is to reach the end of each stage, defeat a boss, and collect a bag,(antidote ingredient,) to advance to the next.


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