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Domino (film)

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Genre  Action, Biography, Crime
Music director  Harry Gregson-Williams
Country  France United States
6/10 IMDb

Director  Tony Scott
Screenplay  Richard Kelly
Language  English
Domino (film) movie poster
Release date  September 25, 2005 (2005-09-25) (WFF) October 14, 2005 (2005-10-14) (United States) November 23, 2005 (2005-11-23) (France)
Writer  Richard Kelly (screenplay), Richard Kelly (story), Steve Barancik (story)
Initial release  October 11, 2005 (Hollywood)
Cast  Keira Knightley (Domino Harvey), Mickey Rourke (Ed Mosbey), Édgar Ramírez (Choco), Delroy Lindo (Claremont Williams), Mo'Nique (Lateesha Rodriguez), Riz Abbasi (Alf)
Similar movies  Blackhat, Salt, Independence Day, Sicario, Django Unchained, The Bourne Ultimatum
Tagline  Heads You Live... Tails You Die.

Domino movie hd trailer

A domino is a tile used in a family of games called "dominoes".


Domino (film) movie scenes

Domino or Dominoes may also refer to:

Domino (film) movie scenes

Domino official trailer hd


Domino (film) movie scenes
  • Domino, California, former town in Kern County
  • Domino, Texas, town in Cass County
  • Domino, Newfoundland and Labrador, a community on Island of Ponds
  • People

    Domino (film) movie scenes
  • Dominó (band), Brazilian boy band
  • Domino (producer) (born 1970), producer and member of the band Hieroglyphics
  • Domino (professional wrestler) stage name of Cliff Compton
  • Domino (rapper) (born 1972), American rapper
  • Domino, former stage name of Sofia Coppola (born 1971), film director and actor
  • Anna Domino, folk singer-songwriter
  • Fats Domino (born 1928), R&B singer and songwriter
  • Domino Harvey (1969–2005), bounty hunter, model, and daughter of actor Laurence Harvey
  • Domino Kirke, English-American singer
  • Animals

    Domino (film) movie scenes
  • Domino (horse) (1891–1897), American thoroughbred race horse
  • Domino or Threespot dascyllus, a marine fish
  • Fictitious entities

    Domino (film) movie scenes
  • Domino (comics), a Marvel Comics character in X-Force
  • Domino, a Dalmatian puppy with black ears with rows of white spots in 102 Dalmatians
  • Domino, a vehicle which is part of Team Knight Rider (voiced by Nia Vardalos)
  • Domino Vitali, character in the James Bond novel Thunderball
  • Films

    Domino (film) movie scenes
  • Domino (1988 film), a 1988 Italian film starring Brigitte Nielsen
  • Domino (2005 film), a 2005 film starring Keira Knightley based on the life of Domino Harvey
  • Domino (film) movie scenes
  • Domino Day, a world record attempt for the highest number of falling dominoes
  • Dominos (video game), a 1977 arcade game by Atari
  • Groups

  • Billy Ward and the Dominoes, a vocal group that included Clyde McPhatter and Jackie Wilson
  • Derek and the Dominos, a band from the early '70s with Eric Clapton as a member
  • Billy Ward and the Dominoes, a vocal group
  • Recording companies

  • Domino Recording Company, known as Domino, based in London
  • Domino Records (before 1993), the name of several United States record labels which are now defunct
  • Albums

  • Domino (Domino album), 1993
  • Domino (Rahsaan Roland Kirk album), 1962
  • Domino (Squeeze album), 1998
  • Songs

  • "Domino" (1950 song), a song by Louis Ferrari and Jacques Plante and Don Raye, popularised by Bing Crosby among others
  • "Domino" (Genesis song), 1986
  • "Domino" (Jessie J song), 2011
  • "Domino" (Kiss song), 1992
  • "Domino" (Van Morrison song), 1970
  • "Domino", a song by 4Minute from their 2013 album titled Name Is 4Minute
  • "Dominoes" (Syd Barrett song), a song by Syd Barrett from his 1970 album Barrett
  • "Dominoes" (Robbie Nevil song), a song by Robbie Nevil from his 1986 self-titled debut album
  • "Dominoes," a song by Jess Wright featuring Mann
  • "Dominos" (Big Pink song), a 2009 song by the Big Pink
  • "Dominos," a song by Peter Bjorn and John from their 2016 album Breakin' Point
  • Publications

  • Domino (magazine), a magazine focused on shopping for the home
  • Dominoes, a collection of stories by Bali Rai
  • Brands and enterprises

  • Domino Foods, sugar refining company founded by Henry Osborne Havemeyer
  • Domino jointer, a jointing machine invented by Festool Gmbh
  • Domino Printing Sciences, British-based developer of ink jet and laser printing solutions
  • Domino's Pizza, an international pizza restaurant chain
  • Computing, mathematics, and technology

  • Domino (mathematics), the polyomino of order two
  • Domino computer, a computer based on sequences of falling dominoes
  • Domino logic, a logic technique used in many modern integrated circuits
  • IBM Lotus Domino, the server element to the Lotus Notes client-server package
  • Transportation

  • Domino (car), a range of Mini-based kit cars
  • Daihatsu Domino, European name for the Daihatsu Mira car
  • Domino 55, Domino 67, or Domino 69, series of railway signal boxes developed by Integra Signum
  • Other uses

  • Benedicamus Domino, a closing salutation used in the Roman Mass
  • Domino effect
  • Domino mask, a partial mask that covers the eyes
  • Domino theory, a political theory
  • LP Domino, a Slovak football team playing in 3. liga (Slovak Third League)
  • References

    Domino (disambiguation) Wikipedia
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