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Country  Slovenia

Area  5.2 km2
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Domžale ([dɔmˈʒàːlɛ]; German: Domschale) is a town and the seat of Municipality of Domžale. The town lies near the foothills of the Kamnik Alps and is crossed by the Kamnik Bistrica River. It includes the hamlets of Zgornje Domžale ([ˈzɡóːɾnjɛ dɔmˈʒàːlɛ]; German: Oberdomschale), Spodnje Domžale ([ˈspóːdnjɛ dɔmˈʒàːlɛ]; German: Untersomschale), and Študa. Domžale is known today for its small businesses, agriculture, and light industry.


Map of Domžale


Domžale was attested in written sources circa 1200–1230 as Domsselsdorf (and as Vnheilden dorf in 1260, Vnsselsdorf in 1302, Vnsersdorf in 1322, Dumsel in 1490, and Damschale in 1558, among other variations.) The medieval German name Unser(s)dorf is derived from (D)unselsdorf, which was presumably borrowed from the Slovene name and from which the initial D- was lost because it was reanalyzed as a definite article. The Slovene name could be reconstructed as *Domžaľe, based on a Slavic personal name such as *Domožalъ and referring to an early inhabitant of the place. Alternatively, the Slovene name may be borrowed from Middle High German Domsell(sdorf), based in turn on a Slavic name such as *Domoslavъ. In the local dialect, the town is referred to as Dumžale. In the past the German name was Domschale.


Domžale became a town in 1925 and a city on 19 April 1952. In the following years, Domžale became an industrial center with strong chemical and textile industry. In 1980, the construction of modern apartments began and Domžale became known as a bedroom community of Ljubljana. After Slovenia declared independence, on 27 June 1991 the Yugoslav army attacked barricades in the town, and bombed the radio transmitter and houses.

Radio transmitter

The Domžale radio transmitter, the most powerful transmitter in Slovenia, is located near Domžale. It operates on medium wave frequency 918 kHz and can be received at night throughout Europe. It uses a 161 m guyed steel tube mast as an aerial.


  • NK Domžale
  • KK Helios Domžale
  • Notable people

    Notable people that were born or lived in Domžale include:

  • Ivan Ahčin (1897–1960), sociologist and journalist
  • Franc Bernik (1870–1948), writer and composer
  • Danijel Fugger (born 1927), painter
  • Tine Hribar (born 1941), philosopher and public intellectual
  • Jože Karlovšek (1900–1963), architect and ethnologist
  • Venče Koželj (1901–1968), electrical engineer
  • Peter Loboda (1894–1952), sculptor
  • Milan Merhar (1910–1988), painter
  • Matija Rode (1879–1961), journalist and librarian
  • Josip Sicherl (1860–1935), composer
  • Matija Tomc (1899–1986), composer
  • Marijan Vojska (born 1934), graphic artist
  • Breda Zorec (born 1941), storyteller
  • References

    Domžale Wikipedia

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