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Music director
Sunny M.R.




Dohchay movie poster

Release date
24 April 2015

Arjun, Carthik, Srikanth Reddy, Sudheer Varma

Nacchite Ye Panaina

(Chandu), (Meera Varma), (Bullet Babu), (Richard),
Krishna Murali Posaani

Dochay (English: Steal) is a 2015 Telugu action crime film written and directed by Sudheer Varma and produced by B. V. S. N. Prasad under the banner Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra. The project features Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles and Brahmanandam, Ravi Babu, Pooja Ramachandran and Posani Krishna Murali in important roles. Sunny M.R. composed the music for the film. Richard Prasad and Karthika Srinivas handled the cinematography and editing respectively. The film was officially launched at Film Nagar in Hyderabad on 12 June 2014 and principal photography began on 14 July 2014 at Hyderabad. The film released on 24 April 2015. The film was also dubbed in Hindi as Vidroh - Let's fight back. The movie is heavily inspired by the British series Hustle.


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Dohchay telugu movie thagubotu ramesh comedy trailer naga chaitanya kriti sanon


Dohchay Dohchay Wikipedia

The film starts off with a bank robbery, which involves 2 thieves stealing 2 crores from the local bank. However, they have a misunderstanding on talking about if they should give the money to their boss or run away with it. They both hold a gun point blank at each other. The film then switches to the story of Chandu and his friends. They are small-time happy-go-lucky con-men with good hearts. They are also in league with a corrupt cop, Richard, who demands a cut in everything they do in return for keeping them out of the cops' radar.

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Chandu's sister wants to become a doctor and Chandu is arranging the money for her studies. One day, he meets Meera, a fellow student in the same college as his sister. They start off as friends and eventually fall in love. It is revealed that Chandu's father who is suffering from heart disease is in jail. He gets a heart attack and has to go to the hospital. Chandu has to pay 5,00,000 for the operation. He has a scheme and steals the money from a drug dealer, so the operation is a success. However, during the course of conning the drug dealer, he is noticed by Richard, who is suspicious of him. However, Chandu cleverly manages to escape and fools Richard into thinking that he had not done any job recently. Richard is, however, still suspicious and decides to keep a close eye on him.

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He also learns that the minister's PA can get his father out of jail by treating it as a special case citing his father's health condition. Chandu fixes an appointment with the PA at a new apartment complex where the PA has bought a flat. When Chandu goes to meet the PA, he accidentally goes into the adjacent flat where the thieves hold the guns and eventually shoot each other. Chandu steals the money. However, while escaping from there, Chandu is noticed by two men while getting into an auto. These two men are in league with the robbers and had come to the flat to collect the stolen money from them. Upon seeing the dead bodies in the flat, they quickly make it out on to the road just as Chandu leaves in an auto-rickshaw. They note down the registration number of the auto but unfortunately lose sight of it in the traffic. Chandu then goes to pick up his sister from her college in the same auto and leaves for the hospital where his father is being treated.

Dohchay Dohchay Telugu Full Movie HD Naga Chaitanya Kriti Sanon

Meanwhile, Chandu explains the flashback to Meera on how his father went to jail. His family was very poor, his mother was sick, and his father, who was a taxi driver, took care of him and his sister. A man, hires him to take him to a faraway village, to meet an acquaintance and the father takes his kids too, who sleep off in the backseat. There is money in the taxi's trunk that the passenger puts there. Upon reaching the destination, the passenger drops off to meet his acquaintance, named Manikyam. Manikyam, however, kills the passenger and then blames it on Chandu's father by bribing the cops. The cops recover the money from Chandu's father's car and then proceed to arrest him. Eventually, Chandu's mom dies and he and his sister go into an orphanage, but soon escape. There he meets a friend, and together they form a gang of thieves and start performing small-time robberies and con jobs.

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In present time, Manikyam, revealed to be the boss of the bank robbers' gang, tracks down the auto-rickshaw driver and from where he tracks down Chandu and his sister. Finding out that Chandu has the 2 crores he kidnaps Chandu's father and sister and demands for the 2 crores which Chandu no longer possesses. Chandu comes up with a con to get the 2 Crores. He and Meera use Bullet Babu, an actor, as their target. Bullet Babu, a has-been in desperate need of a hit, has invested almost everything he has in a movie and is told that he still requires to pitch in more money. He also has a major flaw which is that he always ends up having a crush on all good looking girls. Chandu gets Meera to meet him under a false pretext providing him with a false story that his great grandparents owned land that is worth 40 or 50 crores now and he is the only known claimant But he will have to pay a processing fee of 4 Crores. Bullet Babu believes this. However, Richard, who for some time now has been following Chandu, discovers that Chandu has a new protege - Meera. He goes to her house and interrogates Meera forcefully and tells her that he will trap her in a false case, Meera, panicking tells him the entire job details and tells him that the registration for the land will be in Gandipet. Richard meets Bullet Babu and tells him that he is being duped. He tells him to take 4 crores so Richard can catch Chandu red handed. In order to make this happen, he provides Bullet Babu with 4 crores from his own pocket. If the plan works out, then Bullet Babu can claim back the 4 crores and return it to Richard. Bullet Babu agrees and goes for registration. As Bullet Babu goes into the office, Chandu and his friends threaten to kill him and they empty the bag of money and stuff it in their pockets. They make off with the money in a car and soon a car chase goes on between Richard and Chandu. When Chandu is completely surrounded, he pulls over his car and demands to know what is his crime. Richard meanwhile gets his superior to witness the proceedings. He tells him the entire case details. Upon searching Chandu and his friends the cops realize that Chandu had no money on him. Richard then claims that Bullet Babu can testify for him. However, he is left shocked when Bullet Babu testifies that he has no idea about what Richard is saying and has never met him. Bullet Babu later reveals to Richard that the scam this entire whole time was on Richard and that he was on in it from the beginning. As per his deal with Chandu, the money would be shared equally between him and Chandu. It is also revealed that Meera took a video when Richard says he will trap Meera in a false case. Richard gets suspended because of this video.

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Finally Chandu meets up with Manikyam but gets him arrested by Cops who are later revealed to be actors arranged by Chandu to arrest him. Chandu sets up a false police station and a false court and forces Manikyam to admit his crimes. Manikyam is later taken to a real court, having made him believe that the only way he can get a reduced sentence and escape capital punishment is to confess his crimes. In the real court, Manikyam, still thinking that he was held and tried by the real cops and lawyers last time, admits that to all his crimes including the murders and robberies he has committed. He is sentenced to jail. Chandu, his sister, and his father reunite at the end of the movie.


  • Naga Chaitanya as Chandu
  • Kriti Sanon as Meera
  • Brahmanandam as Bullet Babu
  • Bharath Raju as Thief #1
  • Raghu Raju as Thief #2
  • Ravi Babu as CI Richard
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Manikyam, a ruthless don
  • Tanya Sachdeva as Lalitha
  • Pooja Ramachandran
  • Rao Ramesh as Chandu's father
  • Saptagiri as Ranga
  • Sathya as Chandu's friend
  • Praveen as Chandu's friend
  • Madhuurima in an item number
  • Chalapathi Rao as Police Officer
  • Prabhas Srinu as Bullet Babu's assistant
  • Priya as Chandu's mother (cameo)
  • Sana as Meera's mother
  • Viva Harsha as Manikyam's henchman
  • Development

    In the end of April 2013, Sudheer Varma said in an interview that he would direct a star hero in his next film after his successful debut Swamy Ra Ra. In early October 2013 and in early January 2014, reports emerged that Sudheer Varma would direct Naga Chaitanya in his second film. In early June 2014, the project's existence was officially confirmed by a press release which also stated that B. V. S. N. Prasad would produce this film on Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra banner while the technical crew of Swamy Ra Ra would be working on this film too. The film was officially launched at Film Nagar temple in Hyderabad on 12 June 2014.

    In mid-August 2014, it was reported that the makers finalized the title Mayagadu which translates to conman as the protagonist plays he role of a very sharp witted conman in this film. Naga Chaitanya in an interview said that the film is a mix of con drama and action. The film's title was speculated as Dorakadu in mid November 2014 though the makers denied it later. Another rumored title was Harilo Ranga Hari. Naga Chaitanya announced that the film's first look teaser would be launched on 22 November 2014 and the title was expected to be confirmed.

    In early December 2014, the film's soundtrack was planned to be unveiled in January 2015 while the film was scheduled for a late February or early March 2015 release. The film was reported to be titled as Docheyi though an official confirmation was awaited. Chaitanya later confirmed the title as Dohchay on 17 February 2015 through his Twitter page.


    Naga Chaitanya played the role of a conman and sported a different hairdo for the film. Kriti Sanon was selected as the female lead in late May 2014 after participating in a photo shoot with Naga Chaitanya. A press release on the day of the film's launch confirmed that Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, Rao Ramesh are a part of the film's cast while Ravi Babu, Praveen, Pooja Ramachandran and Satya were also selected for important roles in this film. In late August 2014, Kriti Sanon said in an interview to The Times of India that the script was young, modern and had its own style because of which she accepted the film when she got the script. Naga Chaitanya's looks in the film were unveiled on 18, 20 and 22 November 2014. Madhuurima was cast for an item number which comes as a prelude to a crucial situation in the film. Nikesha Patel was initially approached for that song which she refused citing displeasure of similar offers.


    In early June 2014, the regular shooting was planned to start from 2 July 2014. Later it was postponed to 12 July 2014 and finally started two days later at Hyderabad. Filming continued after a small break from 7 August 2014. Kriti Sanon joined the film's sets in late August 2014 and a scene featuring Kriti entering a share auto and sitting beside the driver with a convoy of vehicles led by Naga Chaitanya following her was shot near HITECH City in Hyderabad. Weeks later, some action sequences were on Naga Chaitanya and some fighters at Aluminium factory in Hyderabad.

    In mid-October 2014 the filming continued at Annapurna Studios. The film's climax on Naga Chaitanya, Viva Harsha and few other comedians was shot on 8 November 2014. During the teaser launch, it was confirmed that except the songs, rest of the film's shoot has been completed. In late January 2015, Kriti Sanon revealed that all the songs and 90% of the film's shoot has been completed. A song on Chaitanya and Kriti Sanon was shot at Thailand in early March 2015.


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