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Dofleinia armata

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Kingdom  Animalia
Genus  Dofleinia
Rank  species
Subclass  Hexacorallia
Family  Actiniidae
Phylum  Cnidaria
Order  sea anemone
Dofleinia Armata

Similar  Sea anemone, Actiniidae, Hexacorallia, Epiactis, Cribrinopsis

dofleinia armata

Dofleinia armata, common names striped anemone and armed anemone, is a species of sea anemone in the family Actiniidae.



Dofleinia armata on the sand

Dofleinia armata is one of Australia's largest species of anemone. It can grow to 20 cm in diameter, with tentacles up to 50 cm long.

The base of this species is broad, the column smooth, with a broad, flat oral disc. It has long inner tentacles which are a minimum of double the size of the outer tentancles. The tentacles have visible papillae on the surface. These contain nematocysts that are very large. The oral disc has papillae as well, but weaker. These contain nematocysts also.

The surface of the tentaces end in a tip that is somewhat swollen. The tentacles are either cream, brown, or plain, and are striped. They have a surface that is scale-like and are often observed curling into ball shapes that hide the mouth.

It is able to expand its body and tentacles due to a well-developed hydrostatic system.


This species is known to live in the tropical waters of Australia as far south as Perth, Western Australia. It is also known to occur in the Philippines and Indonesia.


This species lives at depths of up to 20 metres in the intertidal zone on sloping, sheltered reefs, as well as in mangroves. It may be found in fine silt or mud.

Danger to humans

The sting of Dofleinia armata presents a danger to humans. Injuries resulting from contact with this species are considered very painful, and can take several months to heal.


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