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Do You Like Hitchcock

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Director  Dario Argento
First episode date  2005
Language  Italian English
5.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Mystery, Thriller
Initial DVD release  December 1, 2005 (Italy)
Country  Spain Italy
Do You Like Hitchcock movie poster
Release date  2005 (2005)
Writer  Dario Argento, Franco Ferrini
Cast  Elio Germano (Giulio), Chiara Conti (Federica), Elisabetta Rocchetti (Sasha), Cristina Brondo (Arianna), Iv├ín Morales (Andrea)
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A film student (Elio Germano) investigates the murder of his sexy neighbors (Elisabetta Rocchetti) mother.


Do You Like Hitchcock movie scenes

Do You Like Hitchcock? (orig. Ti piace Hitchcock?) is a 2005 television movie directed by Dario Argento. The film is a homage to the acclaimed thriller film director Alfred Hitchcock.

Do You Like Hitchcock? movie scenes Do you like Hitchcock It s been uploaded on youtube in nine parts of some ten minutes each I had to watch the English dubbed version which made me cringe

In a flashback to 1991, while riding his bike through the woods, a young boy spots a woman darting between the trees. He puts down his bike and runs after her. The woman meets up with another woman, they speak briefly and run together through the woods until they arrive at an old stone house. The boy continues after them and peaks through the window of the house and watches as they wildly slaughter a rooster. The women spot the boy at the window and chase after him, saying "You'll be sorry, I'll kill you, You'll never get away from us" The flashback ends. A young man, Julio, working late at night spies an attractive neighbor girl getting dressed. He watches her through binoculars as she takes her red bra on and off while wearing only a garter belt below. The next morning, he rides his motorbike to his girlfriend's apartment to pick her up. After they make love, the girlfriend leaves on the motorbike and Julio stays behind in his apartment, watching the neighbors out the window.


Do You Like Hitchcock? movie scenes Dollar Theater Massacre

Julio, a young boy bicycling in the woods, spots a woman darting between the trees. He follows her as she is joined by another woman and enters an old stone house. As he peers through the window, he witnesses the women wildly slaughtering a rooster. They spot the boy and chase after him.

Do You Like Hitchcock? movie scenes North by Northwest Hitchcock movie Vandamm house 7

In present day, Julio, now a young film student, is studying late at night when he spies on Sasha, an attractive neighbor girl as she undresses. The next morning, he makes love to his girlfriend Arianna. After she leaves, Julio spies on Sasha as she argues with her mother. Later, while renting Fritz Lang films for his thesis, he sees her by chance at the video store. She tries to rent Alfred Hitchcocks Strangers on a Train at the same time as another woman, Federica. The two talk and strike up a friendship.

Do You Like Hitchcock? movie scenes The possibilities for mise en scene however vary considerably within the sub genre perhaps best delineated into two distinct sub classifications the

The following day, Julio returns Strangers on a Train to the video store. Andrea asks Julio to mind the store while he steps out. Julio agrees and while Andrea is away, he looks up Federicas address on the store computer. In the middle of his poking around, Sasha comes into the store and they speak briefly. She sees that he has returned Strangers on a Train and she puts it back on the shelf.

Do You Like Hitchcock? movie scenes Peeping eyes Ti piace Hitchcock Pino Donaggio 2005

Julio rides his motorbike to Federicas apartment and follows her to her workplace. Through the office window, he sees Federicas boss grope her inappropriately. At the end of the day, Federica hesitantly leaves with her boss, clearly unhappy. Julio follows them to the bosss apartment and sees them arguing in a second floor window. Julio scampers up a ledge to a second floor balcony as it starts to rain. He can see and hear Federica and her boss arguing in bed. The boss is blackmailing Federica for sexual favors over money she stole from a client.

As the bosss forces himself upon Federica, he spots Julio looking through the window. Julio tries to scamper back down the ledge, but falls and fractures his ankle. The boss gives chase and Julio limps to his motorbike, barely escaping.

Julios mother takes him to the doctor who tells him hell have to be in a cast for several weeks. Arianna comes over to his place to help him mend, but when he starts telling her what happened and his theory of how Federica wants Sasha to kill her boss, Arianna says hes crazier than ever and storms out, saying she never wants to see him again.

In the final scene, Julios cast is off and he is exercising. Julio gets a phone call from his mother and while they talk he sees a light go on in Sashas former apartment. Another beautiful woman has taken residence in the apartment. She is almost naked and reading a book on the couch. She sees Julio watching her from across the street, but doesnt seem to mind. Julio stands staring with mouth agape.

Notable cast

  • Elio Germano as Giulio
  • Chiara Conti as Federica Lalli
  • Elisabetta Rocchetti as Sasha Zerboni
  • Cristina Brondo as Arianna
  • Ivan Morales as Andrea
  • Edoardo Stoppa as Inspector
  • Elena Maria Bellini as Giulios Mother
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