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Djaili Amadou Amal

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Name  Djaili Amal

Djaili Amadou Amal Djaili Amadou Amal la voix des femmes

Djaili Amadou Amal is a Fula, native to the Diamare in the Far North region of Cameroon, and grew up in the region's principal city, Maroua. the works of great She writes of the Fulbe culture and explores the social problems of both a contemporary and a traditional nature. Her work confronts the problems of women in Fulani society, as well as social problems in her region, the Sahel, especially the discrimination against women. Some of her novels are Walaande, which is a Fulfulde word for conjugal unity, addressing the issue of polygamy among the Fulani who commonly practice polygamy. Walaande tells the story of four wives who have conceded to "the art of sharing a husband".

Two of her other novels are Mistiriijo and La Mangeuse d'ames (in English, The Eater of Souls). She writes mostly in the French language.


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