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Diplomatic Immunity (New Zealand TV series)

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7.6/10 TV

Created by  James Griffin
Starring  (Ensemble)
Original language(s)  New Zealand English
Final episode date  9 June 2009
Number of seasons  1
8.1/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Developed by  TVNZ
Country of origin  New Zealand
First episode date  10 March 2009
Network  Television New Zealand
Number of episodes  13
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Cast  Lesley‑Ann Brandt, Craig Parker, John Leigh
Similar  Radiradirah, This Is Not My Life, Mercy Peak, bro'Town, Maddigan's Quest

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Diplomatic Immunity is a New Zealand comedy that follows the misadventures at the consulate of The Most Royal Kingdom of Fe'ausi and a fallen New Zealand Foreign Affairs high-flier who has been sent in to straighten out the consulate staff. The show screened in New Zealand on TV1, every Tuesday night at 10:00.


Diplomatic immunity trailer


After a public disgrace, Leighton Mills (Craig Parker) is sent to the Royal Consulate of Fe'ausi. He must stop the dodgy dealings of its staff and all the silly behaviour around the office including illegal weddings, April Fool's Day jokes taken too far, and try to encourage the immature ambassador Jonah Fa'auigaese (David Fane) to do the right thing. Meanwhile, he is attracted to Jonah's daughter, Leilani (Lesley-Ann Brandt) and attempts to avoid the rest of the consulate staff.


  • Dave Fane as Jonah Fa'auigaese: Jonah is the Fe'ausi ambassador to New Zealand and brother of King Gideon, the reigning monarch. A Machiavellian master politician who can go from great eloquence to feigned fresh-off-the-boat-ness with consummate skill, he truly believes that all the dodgy deals and morally questionable decisions he makes are for the good of his people.
  • Craig Parker as Leighton Mills: Leighton is the fallen rising star of New Zealand Foreign Affairs. Ambitious and urbane, Leighton was an aspiring diplomat. An unfortunate incident involving alcohol; the randy daughter of a minor British Royal; the backseat of the Queen's limo and the paparazzi, saw his fledgling career nipped in the bud. Leighton has been shipped north from Wellington to Auckland, as a diplomatic attaché, attached to the consulate of The Most Royal Kingdom of Fe'ausi.
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Leilani Fa'auigaese: Leilani is an intelligent, outspoken woman. But lately she has become a problem. Leilani has led the men of Fe'ausi on, while forcing them to listen to political ideas. Her popularity with men has made her extremely unpopular with the women. Thus Leilani has been deported to New Zealand, to be with her father; Jonah, who just wants to hide her away because she is severely endangering his chance to land the job of King. She has a phobia of whales.
  • John Leigh as Mick Fa'auigaese: Mick is a funny wee guy with a mysterious past and an even more mysterious present. With no morals to speak of, he's like a human cockroach, scurrying from one deal to the next and trying at all costs, to avoid the light. Mick is the albino adopted second cousin of the king.
  • Mario Gaoa as Malepe Fa'auigaese: Malepe is the son of a cousin of the King. He specialises in hanging out and looking cool - and getting parking tickets outside strip clubs, of course.
  • Kayte Ferguson as Suga Fa'auigaese: Suga is the niece of a cousin of the King. She has come to New Zealand to marry a rich white man, and to have many babies. Suga is officially, the consulate Tourist Affairs liaison.
  • Hannah Marshall as Kirsty: Kirsty is the effervescent, irreplaceable heart and soul of the embassy. She questions nothing and does everything that is asked of her. Kirsty is pretty much the only one who does any legitimate work round the consulate. She also knows everything that is going on and is quite happy to use her knowledge to stir things up a bit
  • Guest Characters

  • Jason Hoyte and Johnathan Brugh as Brother Jacob and Brother John: Two brothers who want to marry desperately. They find it okay to marry more than one women. They have a habit of asking Kirsty to marry them. They appear in episode 4.
  • Robbie Magasiva as Prince To'omai: Prince To'omai is the prince of the country of Fa'akofa. He is very handsome, but extremely stupid. He was to marry Leilani, but Leighton hides the key to the room where the traditional shagashaga is to be held, so the wedding was called off. To'omai likes lots of wives, who are blonde. He appears in episode 4.
  • Pua Magasiva as The Niu: The Niu is the carrier of the diplomatic pouch. He is an avid surfer and all the women in the consulate are attracted to him. His stupidity leads him to pick up a dangerous spider and bring it to the consulate. Leighton finds out he is gay. He appears in episode 6.
  • Paul Barrett as Lewis Moorecock: A gay financial advisor that the consulate adores. He writes them a musical about Sir Edmund Hillary. He appears in episode 7.
  • Sarah Owen as Janice: A whale protestor that chains herself to the consulates fence. She has a vast knowledge of all whales. She also protests seal beatings. She appears in episode 9.
  • Natalie Medlock as Princess Grace: The French princess that Leighton was caught with, that got him sent to the consulate. She marries Mick. She appears in episode 10
  • Michelle Langstone as Svetlana: a woman Jonah falls for. She appears in episode 11.
  • Madeleine Sami as Agent Amy Bickler: A secret agent that suspects Leilani of being a terrorist. She is slightly loopy and pretends to be Leighton's girlfriend in case people are secretly watching them. She appears in the final episode (episode 13).
  • References

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