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Dinosaur Island (2002 film)

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Director  Will Meugniot
Country  United States
5/10 IMDb

Dinosaur Island (2002 film) movie poster
Language  English Italian French
Release date  June 3, 2002
Tagline  It's an adventure of Jurassic proportions

Dinosaur Island is a 2002 animated film from DiC Entertainment directed by Will Meugniot. Considered a family oriented picture, it is a unique adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles 1912 novel The Lost World by animated movie veteran John Loy. The movie stands apart as the only attempt to adapt The Lost World in an animated format, combined with the popular reality-series format.


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Teenagers Leo, Margaret, Jackie and Alex have been chosen to compete on a "Survivor"-style reality show called "Wild World." But on their journey to the Amazon jungle, their plane crashes on a remote island straight out of prehistory. What started as a competition soon becomes a lesson in teamwork as the foursome encounter rampaging dinosaurs and a tribe of early prehumans in this action-packed animated feature.

Plot summary

Four teenagers are chosen to participate in a Survivor-style television show. They are:

  • Alex Chang (voiced by Philip Chen)
  • Leo Bryant
  • Jackie Rodriguez (voiced by Anadella Lamas)
  • Margaret Tim (voiced by Hilary Williams)
  • On the way to their filming location, their plane is brought down by an electrical storm. As the plane falls, they parachute out onto what appears to be an island, landing on an isolated mesa. The island, however, is inhabited by a variety of dinosaurs, including Iguanodon, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pterosaur, Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus.

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    The island is also inhabited by a form of unfriendly prehistoric human, Homo habilis. Putting aside their differences, the foursome endeavour to escape from both dinosaurs and a tribe of Homo habilis.


    Dinosaur Island (2002 film) movie scenes 31 Horror Days S5E10 PINATA SURVIVAL ISLAND 2002 Watercooler Films

    Like many of John Loys works in the Land Before Time series, Dinosaur Island was a direct to home video movie. As the movie was produced as a take-off on the Survivor TV format, the small screen was considered the best overall method of release. Due to its success in Italy, Lisola del Dinosauri was additionally released in a special 3-Pack that included Pam Carters Time Kid and Scott Hemings The Archies in Jugman.


    Dinosaur Island (2002 film) Wikipedia
    Dinosaur Island (2002 film) IMDb Dinosaur Island (2002 film)

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