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Diego Capusotto

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Name  Diego Capusotto
Role  TV actor
Spouse  Maria Laura Capusotto

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Born  September 21, 1961 (age 54) (1961-09-21)
Awards  Martin Fierro Award Outstanding Comedian 2007 Peter Capusotto y sus videos Martin Fierro Award Best Comedy Show 2007 Peter Capusotto y sus videos Clarin Award Best Comedy Show 2007 Peter Capusotto y sus videos Clarin Award Outstanding Musicalization 2007 Peter Capusotto y sus videos Martin Fierro Award Outstanding Comedian 2001 Todo por dos pesos
Similar People  Pedro Saborido, Fabio Alberti, Alfredo Casero, Nestor Montalbano, Luis Luque

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Diego Esteban Capusotto (September 21, 1961) is an Argentinian TV presenter, actor, and humorist who is noted for his participation in TV shows like Cha Cha Cha, Todo por dos pesos, and Peter Capusotto y sus videos.


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Diego Capusotto was born in Castelar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina on September 21, 1961, but moved to the Villa Luro neighborhood of Buenos Aires when he was 7, where he lived for three decades.

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At 25, he began to study acting at the Arlequines Theater. He has starred in several movies. The first, Zapada, una comedia beat (1999), was not released commercially. He followed up with Mataperros (2001), India Pravile (2003), Soy tu aventura (2003), Dos ilusiones (2004) and Regresados (2007), also known as D-Graduated. His most recent film was Pajaros Volando (2010).

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His television career began in 1992 with De la cabeza, a series in which he worked with actors and comedians like Alfredo Casero, Fabio Posca, Mex Urtizberea, and Fabio Alberti. After the program was killed off by a falling out between Posca and the other actors, Capusotto teamed up with Casero and Alberti in a new comedy project, Cha Cha Cha, which was broadcast intermittently between 1992 and 1997. Capusotto and Alberti would team up again, in 1998, on the cast of the TV series, Delikatessen, starring Horacio Fontova, and again in 1999 when the program Todo por dos pesos (99 Cent Store) made its debut: this program would finally establish Diego Capusotto as an icon of Argentinian comedy. For this series, in which he established some of his best and most famous characters like "Irma Jusid", "El Hombre Bobo", and "Peter Conchas", Capusotto received the Martin Fierro Award for Comedy Performance in 2001.

Todo por dos pesos went off the air in 2002. In 2003, Capusotto played a mentally ill person in the series Sol Negro, produced by Sebastián Ortega and with performances by Rodrigo de la Serna and Carlos Belloso, among others.

On March 25, 2004, Capusotto returned to the theater together with Fabio Alberti to present the comedy show Una noche en Carlos Paz, written by Pedro Saborido and directed by Néstor Montalbano, where they continued the shtick of Todo por dos pesos. The show was followed by Qué noche Bariloche, which premiered in 2006.

Up to the age of 17, Capusotto wanted to play Football:

No, until I was 17 I dreamed of being a football (soccer) player. I was talented: my footwork was pretty good, and I loved to play midfield. I tried out for several clubs, but life had other plans for me, I had to settle for being a spectator and I'm a big fan of the "Racing" football team.

Capusotto was always involved with music, but he never wanted to make a career of it:

Playing drums came naturally to me. I took classes with Horacio Gianello, who played with [the group] Arco Iris, and I saw that while I had a gift for playing drums, I didn't love it. And to play an instrument, you have to love what you're doing.

In 2006, the series Peter Capusotto y sus videos (Peter Capusotto and his videos) debuted, a program which, along with showing rock music videos, features Capusotto parodying the different facets of the rock-and-roll lifestyle in various sketches, and taking rock personalities and stereotypes for an intertwining critique of several aspects of the Argentinean society and culture, with "Luis Almirante Brown (Artaud for millions)", "Pomelo, ídolo de rock" ("Pomelo, rock idol") and "Perón y rock" as some of the highlights. The program has become a cult hit, and video clips from the show are frequently viewed on YouTube.

On December 17, 2007, after Peter Capusotto y sus videos was nominated for the Clarín Awards, Capusotto received awards in the Musical Performance and Best Comedy Program categories.

On July 2, 2008, at the Martín Fierro Awards he received the award for Best Comedy Performance for Peter Capusotto and his videos.

On 2009, he again received a Martín Fierro Award for Best Comedy Performance for Peter Capusotto and his videos.

TV shows

  • De la cabeza ("Crazy")
  • Cha cha cha
  • Delikatessen
  • Todo por dos pesos ("99 cent store")
  • Tiempo Final ("Final time")
  • Sol Negro ("Black sun")
  • Peter Capusotto y sus videos ("Peter Capusotto and his videos")
  • Movies

  • Tiempo de Descuento (time's running out) [short film]
  • Zapada, una comedia beat (Zapada, a Beat comedy)
  • Mataperros (thug)
  • India Pravile
  • Soy tu aventura (I'm your adventure)
  • Dos ilusiones (two dreams/illusions)
  • Regresados (known as D-Graduated internationally)
  • Pájaros Volando (Birds Flying)
  • Peter Capusotto y sus Tres Dimensiones (Peter Capusotto and his Three Dimensions)
  • Theater

  • Una noche en Carlos Paz (a night in Carlos Paz)
  • Qué noche Bariloche (what a night Bariloche)
  • Awards

  • 2013 Tato award as best comical work.
  • Nominations

  • 2013 Martín Fierro Awards
  • Best work in humor
  • Personal life

    Capusotto is married to María Laura, with whom he has 2 daughters: Elisa, and Eva (named after Eva Perón). He is a big fan of the Racing Club soccer team. He currently resides in the Barracas district of Buenos Aires.

    He had two brothers, but both are deceased. His older brother died of peritonitis, and his younger brother died of complications from Prader-Willi syndrome at the age of 2.


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