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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Didemnidae
Higher classification  Didemnidae
Rank  Genus
Subphylum  Tunicata
Scientific name  Didemnum
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Aplousobranchia
Didemnum wwwexoticsguideorgsitesdefaultfilesspeciesi
Similar  Didemnum vexillum, Tunicate, Didemnidae, Didemnum molle, Botrylloides

The carpet seasquirt didemnum vexillum

Didemnum is a genus of tunicates in the family Didemnidae. Some Didemnum species, including Didemnum vexillum and Didemnum perlucidem can be characterized as invasive species. In early 2006, Didemnum was estimated to inhabit more than 175 square kilometers of the undersea region off the East Coast of the United States. Didemnum invasions have also been recorded in Canada, the West Coast of the United States, New Zealand, the Mediterranean, and the Netherlands.


Didemnum Didemnum Tunicate Didemnum vexillum

Didemnum vexillum turned up on coast of state of Washington in 2009 and has been showing up in Coos Bay and Winchester Bay, Oregon as of 13 May 2010.

Didemnum Marine Nuisance Species Didemnum a colonial tunicate ascidian

V mito de roca didemnum vexillum


Didemnum Didemnum Wikipedia
  • Didemnum albidum (Verrill, 1871)
  • Didemnum amethysteum (Van Name, 1902)
  • Didemnum asperum (Milne-Edwards, 1841)
  • Didemnum biglans (Sluiter, 1906)
  • Didemnum candidum (Savigny, 1816)
  • Didemnum carnulentum (Ritter and Forsyth, 1917)
  • Didemnum chilense (Arnbaeck, 1929)
  • Didemnum coriaceum (Von Drasche, 1883)
  • Didemnum fulgens (Milne-Edwards, 1841)
  • Didemnum galacteum (Lotufo and Dias, 2007
  • Didemnum gelatinosum
  • Didemnum helgolandicum
  • Didemnum lahillei (Hartmeyer, 1909)
  • Didemnum maculosum (Milne-Edwards, 1841)
  • Didemnum molle (Herdmann, 1886)
  • Didemnum perlucidem (Monniot, 1983)
  • Didemnum proliferum (Kott, 1981)
  • Didemnum santaelenae (Van Name, 1945)
  • Didemnum studeri (Hartmeyer, 1911)
  • Didemnum tenue (Herdmann, 1886)
  • Didemnum vanderhorsti (Van Name, 1924)
  • Didemnum vexillum (Kott, 2002)

  • Didemnum The NEANS Panel Species Information


    Didemnum Wikipedia