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Dial H for Heroclix

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Dial H For Heroclix is an American-produced podcast specifically covering the topic of the collectible miniatures game Heroclix. The podcast covers such topics as casual play, meta-level play, RC Cola, and whether or not chili is better with Cheez-its in it. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, the podcast has been released weekly and, more recently, bi-weekly since the Dial H's first episode, dated July 15, 2013. The three members of the podcast include: Hunter Smith, Austin Smith ("Dick Wrangler" and "The luckiest Sonofabitch Alive") and Andrew (Drew) Alderson. Due to the number of other podcasts covering the topic of Heroclix, Dial H has taken the stance of being a podcast primarily for entertainment and secondarily for substantive information about the game of Heroclix.


"Our content is more 25% Heroclix and 75% random shit" - Hunter

Segments on the Show

The News

In this segment, the guys talk about any recent news, both official and speculative, from the Heroclix community. Figures officially spoiled on the page are discussed as well as leaked information from various sources about upcoming sets, figures, rules changes and more.

Bad Samaritan (The Game That's Sweeping The Nation)

Bad Samaritan, named after a specific Heroclix figure, is a game that tests the knowledge of participating players over figures in the game. Bad Samaritan was not officially named until episode 76 "Meta Tool Box: Big N Tall (150+ Attackers)", though it had been played for multiple prior episodes under the generic name "Austin's game show". In this game, Austin tries to be as much of a scumbag as possible, secretly choosing three modern-legal figures (sometimes the most obscure figures in the game (I.e., Bad Samaritan)) and it is up to the opposing team to guess which three figures Austin has chosen. The game is broken down into three separate rounds and, each round, Hunter uses a random number generator along with a list that associates the numbers randomly generated to which "clues" are given to the guessers. In this fashion, a number may be associated with: the set the figure was released in, the set number of the figure, any special powers the figure possesses on its opening click, rarity of the figure, any special combat abilities, etc. At this point, Austin has to reveal the associated given clue. Each participant is given one guess each round and, at the end of three rounds, if no guesser has been able to correctly identify the figure, the listener learns how much of a scumbag Austin is.

Hunter's Hidden Gems

In this segment, Hunter chooses a couple modern-legal figures all from the same set, that may have been underappreciated at the time of its release due to other, more powerful figures overshadowing the named figures in terms of meta-level potential.

Drew's Silver Age Value Corner

In Drew's Silver Age Value Corner, Drew selects a silver age figure he considers to have a high level of playability, despite the age of the figure. This segment is a way to combat the term known as power creep, emphasizing older figures that are typically outshined by newer figures whom typically have overall better combat values, traits, or powers. Selected Value Corner pieces can be stamped by the official Drew's Silver Age Value Corner stamp to increase collectability and overall value.

Comics Talk

Essentially a comic book club, Hunter, Austin and Drew discuss a previously agreed upon comic storyline the three have read and give opinions concerning the quality of art, writing and overall entertainment value of the comic or graphic novel. Readers are given the opportunity to semi-participate in the discussion by being informed as to what the next Comics Talk topic will cover and having ample time to read the selected comic or graphic novel storyline prior to hearing the podcast.

Dial Design Contest

A contest meant to challenge the ability of the listener in order to create their own Heroclix, usually adhering to a topic or theme of whatever was chosen on a previous episode. In this contest, listeners are encouraged to use their own original ideas to design the dial of a Heroclix figure they would like to see created based off the previously mentioned topic or theme of the contest of that particular week. Topic or themes typically include: keywords of the figure, figures based on independent properties, "unclixed" figures, or anything else Hunter could come up with.

Best Build

Best Build is a contest where listeners are given a set format for an upcoming event that Hunter, Austin and Drew would be participating in. In Best Build, it is up to the listener to submit a constructed team or force based on the format. All three hosts would select their favorite of the submissions and the forces would be played at said event. The force performing the best in the event was named the Best Build of the contest.

Mail Bag

In this segment, listeners are encouraged to email or tweet Dial H with any number of questions, comments, concerns or random opinions about Heroclix, comics based media, or obscure inside-joke topics like chili and Cheez-its or RC Cola. Emails are read on the air and are answered or commented on.

Just The Tip

In this segment, the three go over Heroclix tactics that range from basic techniques for beginners down to character specific advice.

Notable Guests on the Podcast

Due to Dial H's overarching friendly nature, numerous guests have been asked to participate in or on their podcast, some are other Heroclix media personas, others are fans and long time listeners.

Edward Shelton from the Starting Over Podcast

Julian (Swagneto) from ClixTV Heroclix Podcast

The team from Generation Clix Podcast

Amber and Jason from Married With Clix YouTubeTV Podcast

Ryan from GlassCabinetFilms YouTube

Cast Members

Hunter Smith Hunter Smith is originally from Kentucky, after graduating college he moved to Indiana where he met Drew Alderson and rekindled his close friendship with his cousin/best friend Austin. Hunter is a long time Heroclix judge, he's judged a local venue "The Dugout" in Indianapolis for four years and has judged various official ROC events including the first ever Regional Super Qualifier which was held in Indianapolis. Hunter has won or placed high in numerous high profile Heroclix tourneys including ROC events and GenCon side tournaments. Aside from his Heroclix accomplishments he is a Cardiac Ultrasonographer at St. Francis Hospitals in Indianapolis and holds a degree in Ultrasound Science from Saint Catharine's College where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Austin Smith Austin Smith has resided in Indiana his entire life and has been long-time friends with Drew Alderson. He and Hunter have been close since birth and have been playing Heroclix together for over 7 years. He has assisted in judging various Heroclix events over the last 3 years including the first ever Regional Super Qualifier. Aside from his Heroclix accomplishments he is employed in Medical Records at St. Francis Hospitals in Indianapolis.

Drew Alderson Andrew Alderson has resided in Indiana his entire life and has been long-time friends with Austin Smith. He and Hunter have been friends since 2009, meeting through Austin Smith. He assisted in judging the first ever ROC Regional Super Qualifier. He has placed high in ROC Qualifiers and Trial Events. Aside from his Heroclix accomplishments he is currently employed in distribution at OHL in Plainfield, Indiana.


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