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Recorded  2009
Length  03:03
Genre  Pop
Released  February 19, 2009 (2009-02-19) (see release history below)
Format  Radio single, digital download
Writer(s)  Simon Trpčeski, Jovan Trpčeski, Darko Dimitrov

"Devojko" (in Macedonian Cyrillic: "Девојко", English translation "Girl") is a single by the Macedonian male band Bravo Band. It was their entry for the Macedonian Eurovision Selection or Skopje Fest 2009. It was presented in the second semifinal night and it qualify for the final where it finished on the 10th place.


Production history

The song was specially made for the coming than Skopje Fest 2009. It is sung just by one of the lead singers in the band - Riste as result of the throw operation that the other singer Aleksandar had made. The music of the song is made by the famous Macedonian pianist Simon Trpčeski and the lyrics were written by his older brother Jovan Trpčeski. The arrangement on the song gave Darko Dimitrov and the song was recorded in his music studio M2 too. The fully made song was sung completely in Macedonian.

Skopje Fest 2009

The song was first presented in the second semifinal of Skopje Fest performed as 11th. After a lot of thinking how to present this song written by Simon Trpčeski they decided to make a classical performance of it - the band is on the stage and Riste is in front singing on a static microphone. In the semifinal they finished 4th with 15 points (7 from the audience and 8 from the jury) and with that they qualified for the final. In the final night of the contest that was carried on the 21st of February they performed as 4th and finished on the 10th place out of 16 with just 3 points from the audience.

Explanation of the lyrics

As the name "Devojko" (Girl) is saying, in the song is singing about a girl. The singer starts the song saying that from far away is listening music with a good rhythm. The girl is coming and it shakes her body. She sent views to him and calls him to go to her and with all that he goes crazy. The chorus comes where he says that his heart and mind are fighting and says to the girl to don't play with a fire. He is feeling that easily she is killing him as the rhythm goes. In the second part of the song he says again that without embarrass she is sending views to him. He again says that is going crazy. The song is continuing with the chorus. The lyrics are made by Jovan Trpčeski.

Music video

The music video was filmed two mounts after presenting the song to the Macedonian audience. It was filmed by Vladimir Mitreski - Gjule and Republica Production. The filming of the video took place in some studio locations around Skopje. In the video there is a beautiful girl that trise to flirt with the lead singer Riste. The band made a promotion of the video in the Red Caffe, Skopje.


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