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Devil Face, Angel Heart

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Director  Billy Chung
Distributed by  Mei Ah Entertainment
Country  Hong Kong
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Crime, Drama
Language  Cantonese
Devil Face, Angel Heart movie poster
Release date  9 May 2002 (2002-05-09)
Genres  Action Film, Thriller, Chinese Movies, Crime Fiction, World cinema, Action/Adventure
Cast  Daniel Wu (Long), Gigi Lai (Wendy), Stephen Fung, Lam Suet, Kelly Lin
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A disfigured man (Daniel Wu) decides to turn against his boss, a vicious gangster.


Devil Face, Angel Heart is a 2002 thriller film directed by Billy Chung.

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Lon is an assassin who is deformed. The only man he can trust is his brother, Kwan. When Lon kills a police officer, the officer's partner tries to go after him, but lets him go after seeing his face. Meanwhile, Lon falls for Wendy, the girlfriend of Lon's sadistic boss, Dragon. When Lon agrees to kill Dragon for Wendy, it's a setup. After the kill, Lon is hit by a car and plunges into the river. A year passes by. A new man named Michael arrives, working for Wendy. Meanwhile, the partner of the cop Lon killed is still on the case. He notices a resemblance of the new man to Lon. Is Michael the same person as Lon? If so, what is the motive?


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The movie begins as Long (Daniel Wu), born with a disfigured face, and his brother Kwan work as assassins for the notorious Hong Kong triad leader, "Dragon." Dragon is involved in drugs, fire arms, prostitution, human trafficking and many more crimes. Every night he is at his mansion, Wendy (Gigi Lai), his girlfriend, must be waiting for him in his bedroom. Dragon would sexually torture Wendy in the room. Everytime, Wendy would walk up to Long, bruised up from her boyfriend. Long told her not to look at him because he was afraid that his face will scare her. However, Wendy told him that the man that she sleeps with every night is a hundred times scarier. Wendy also warned Long to leave Dragon with his brother when they still have a chance. Long refused but instead, promised Wendy to kill Dragon during his business trip to Taiwan. Wendy told them that she will tell her uncle to bring them back to Hong Kong if they succeed.

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Two police officers, Kent (Stephen Fung) and Dicky (Sam Lee) received an order to investigate Dragon and his triad, but were attacked by Long and his brother. During the gunshot, Dicky was shot died right in the eye.

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Long and his brother follow Dragon as he meet his client in a Taiwanese sex club. Dragon told his assassins to kill his client when the time is up. Long and his brother prepare in the restroom. When Dinosaur and his clients choose the girls, he begins to have to mistress, Mei as well. At first the mistress refused saying that she is too old as an excuse but Dragon grabbed her on the couch. Dragon offered her to give him oral sex in front of the crowd for a few minutes for $1,000,000. Afterward, Dragon was so pleased that he gave her $2,000,000. Mei goes to the restroom the floss her mouth and runs into Long and his brother mounting their pistols. Long shows mercy and lets her live. Meanwhile, Dragon and his client had a girl stripped down to her leopard pattern bra and thong. The two of them began to brush their hands on the lower part of her torso. Suddenly Long and his brother walk in and do the shooting. With the clients died, Dragon orders Long and Kwan to give him their pistols. The girls begged for mercy but Dragon laughs and shoots them all. Dinosaur then turns and attempts to shoot his assassins as well but as Long has promised Wendy, Dragon himself was Longs target. Long pulls out a knife and slices Dragons throat before he pulled the trigger. Meanwhile Long and his brother wait for Wendys uncle but it was a trap, the driver from the car shot Kwan several times. Long, ran to his brother but was rammed off the harbor.

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Long was rescued by Mei, who thanked him for letting her live. Mei had surgeons alter his facial tissues so he will look like a normal human. Once Long wakes up from his coma, Mei begins to teach Long how to have sex. Mei reveals that she used to be a whore and slept with thousands of strangers. She said she had a talent to not only to seduce men, but women as well. She seduced a wealthy lady to give her all of her money after a three-year relationship. She trained Long and gave him a new identity to return to Hong Kong as Michael.

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Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Wendy had a new boyfriend and in crime partner, Jimmy. Both were happy to learn that Dragons men were dead. Michael is now working as a henchmen. The two leaders now in charge of Dragons business, meet their client "Bull" in an Italian restaurant. Bull ambushes them and Long manages to escape with Wendy, Jimmy is captured. Michael then seduces Wendy and they spent the night together. Wendy was aroused when she saw him swim and drink in the morning. When Bull demands a ransom for Jimmy, Wendy turns it into a joke. Angered, Bull amputates Jimmys nose and mails it to Wendy. Michael plans to kill Bull and tells Wendy to first seduce him and give him a poison glass to drink from. After Bull is poisoned, she would escape from the secret chamber. Wendy agrees but when she gives Bull a poisoned glass, she discovers that the chamber is a dead end, Michael has set her to a trap. Bull then orders his men to rape her one at a time. Suddenly police came and arrests everyone.

Michael later breaks into Kents house and purposely, has Kent shot him in the chest, saying that he would want to die in the hands of someone worthy.


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