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Kathir Narasinga Perumal temple in Devar Malai or Devarmalai is a five-centuries-old shrine. This temple is famous for its legend, which goes back to Hiranya Samhara.


After Hiranya Samharam, the ferocious Narasimha, came to the forest area of Devar Malai, where he was intercepted by the Devas who had congregated in large numbers. In an effort to calm Him down, the Devas brought sacred water and performed abishekam for Narasimha.

Pleased with the gesture, Lord Narasimha provided darshan in a majestic seated posture (veera asana pose) with his right feet placed on the ground and the left leg in a folded position. His left hand is positioned as if He is inviting the devotees while His right is in abhaya hastham posture blessing them. The Sacred water here is believed to liberate those with Pitru dosham.

Quick Facts

  1. Moolavar: Kathir Narasinga Perumal facing east in a sitting posture
  2. Goddess: Kamalavalli Thaayar in a separate sannidhi
  3. Temple time: 7:30 a.m. - 12 noon and 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Special Features

  1. Veerasana Kolam of Lord Narasimha.
  2. The first of the ‘Palayams’ of the Nayaks.
  3. Several ancient inscriptions are found at the entrance to the Thaayar sannidhi.
  4. Moolavar idol is believed to be over 1,000 years old.

Special events

  1. 10-day Brahmotsavam in the month of Vaikasi (mid-May to mid-June).
  2. Navarathri kolu for Kamalavalli Thaayar.
  3. Chakkarai pongal presented to Sri Lakshmi Narayana every Monday.
  4. Special abishekam on ashtami to swarna akharshana bhairavar.

Location and transport

  1. Located 65 km. west of Tiruchirapalli and 35 km. south east of Karur
  2. Devarmalai is located about 5 km. away from a place called “Paalayam”, which is about 30 km. away from Karur (in between Karur – Dindugal route). Buses, taxis run from Paalayam to Devarmalai.
  3. To reach the temple, bhaktas have to travel from Karur, via Gujiliyampaarai and then to Paalayam. And from here, the temple is about 5 km. away.
  4. From Paalayam, if we travel about 3 km. on the east direction, we will come to a place called “Kuruni Kulathuppatti” and from here if we travel about 2 km., we can reach Devarmalai temple.
  5. From Paalayam, buses that run towards Trichy, Manappaarai will travel via Devarmalai.


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